Rising Starr

| August 3, 2012

Words by Jessica Mincher

Phebe Starr is an electronic pop artist from Sydney that has been honing her talent touring for the past two years across New Zealand, Australia, and Europe.  Her debut single, “Alone With You” is a powerful pop ballad while managing to be extremely intimate at the same time with a vocal melody that will be left in your head for days. It has grabbed the attention of some of the Australian music industry elite, with Dave Ruby Howe from Melbourne’s The Age, claiming it to be the pop anthem of the year.

I met with Starr outside Sydney’s Goodgod Small Club where she performed last night. Seated on the steps outside the venue, she gushed, “I love your dress, that’s something that I would wear!” At that point, Phebe had only twenty minutes until she hit the stage and was yet to change into her self-designed stage costume; “I always change the design of my costume the day of the show!”

With a personal obsession of J-Pop and inspired by artists such as Bjork, The Cure, Beck, and Gotye’s, Like Drawing Blood album, Phebe’s influences make for a very interesting pop sound that’s synth-driven and with organic drums mixed with jazz elements. Her premier single, “Alone With You” was also the first time Phebe worked with a producer, where that producer was Andy Mak (New Empire, Boy and Bear). He  helped to create Starr’s flawless final product.

“I’m going into the studio with him again soon,” she said, “he really pulls in on my ideas.” I couldn’t agree more.

Starr’s sound has drawn similarities to that of Lady Gaga, Florence and The Machine, and Lykke Li, which she’s thrilled about. “They’re great comparisons, thank you! They are all fierce women, which I like,” she exclaimed when I reminded her of this.

You can catch Phebe Starr at BigSound in September, a visit to Brisbane she said was a long time coming. Be sure not to miss this rising songstress.

Upcoming Shows:

4th August Sydney FBi Social Supporting Texture Like Sun
15th August Sydney Manning Bar Supporting the Rubens

12th-13th September Brisbane Bigsound.

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