Brisbane Bicycle Film Festival

| October 12, 2012

Words by Rachael Crouch

Every year, more and more people take the plunge to lose the car and jump on the bike as their preferred mode of transport. It’s not just a greener alternative for getting from A to B; it’s a lifestyle choice that enhances you physically, mentally and spiritually – you are at one with the road. It’s the closest thing to feeling like you’re flying; to work, to home, to university – that free feeling whilst free-wheeling is seldom experienced outside of bike-riding.

Despite this undeniable fact, road-hogs will still endeavour to make life difficult for the friendly bicyclist; terrorizing the humble wheeler by tooting the horn and tailgating beyond reasonable measure, all to reclaim the space for automobiles. There needs to be more awareness of the biker’s plight; there needs to be more understanding that fitness and a greener earth are all they are trying to cultivate out of a favourable existence. Don’t these people have just as much right to be on the road as car-drivers do?

That is where the Brisbane Bicycle Film Festival steps in. The Brisbane Bicycle Film Festival (or BBFF) is here to raise and reinforce the positive profile of bicyclists to celebrate bicycling in all its positive forms.

The Bicycle Film Festival is a worldwide initiative and has been a major catalyst for the urban bike movement. The short and long films shown at the festivals all feature bikes as their main themes surrounding narratives of heartbreak, sadness, love, happiness and friendship. Alongside film, music has also played an important role in bringing people of the bicycling movement together; the Bikes Rock! concerts were created to celebrate the bike movement, including performances by Blonde Redhead, Peaches, Deerhunter, Metronomy, Chairlift, SBTRKT and Roisin Murphy and many more artists who support the lifestyle of bicycling.

The Bicycle Film Festival began with bike-lover Brendt Barbur. Barbur was compelled to start the Bicycle Film Festival when he was hit by a bus while riding his bike in New York City.  He insisted on turning his negative experience into a positive one. Since 2001, the Bicycle Film Festivals have come up in over 30 different cities around the globe, sharing stories of human existence through the medium of bike-riding.

The Brisbane version of this festival will have a significant impact on youth culture as it has previously by many others all over the world as film appeals to everyone where bicycling may not (although this festival is destined to change your mind). The first Brisbane Bicycle Film Festival has been organised by Brisbane-based bicycle nuts Erik Van Genderen (who originally hails from Amsterdam, the mecca for bicycles and bicycle lovers) and Environmental Management graduate Erin Duddy, who firmly believe this project will reach out to an even wider audience than simply the already strongly-built bicycling community.

“The project will allow people to celebrate bicycling, and to let all of Brisbane get a view into the bicycling community,” said Erin. “It’s a growing movement that we want to help grow further, and to give people access to the bicycling world, and the sense of adventure that it entails. To explore this world through film is a perfect platform – it will bring people together.”

The BBFF will occur on Saturday the 20th of October and will be formed of two major parts beginning with Roller Racing by River City Rollers, A Bicycle Art Collection, Music By Silo Records and Bicycle Film Previews (and, of course, boutique beers at the wonderful Archive). Musgrave Park is only a minute away by bike, which will have a Bike Polo Bench Minor Tournament, a Bicycle Pentathlon  Bicycle-themed stalls and a Bicycle-powered smoothie maker. Then there will be a group ride from this event to Tribal Theatre, where the films will be featured and the after-party will be held.

Tickets for the movies at Tribal Theatre are sold here. 1 session is $15, 2 sessions are $25, and 3 sessions are $35. Hurry as tickets are selling fast, and at reasonable prices such as these, get zooming over to Brisbane’s first Bicycle Film Festival- it’ll be bike-tastic!




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