In Profile: Chloe Bartram

| October 8, 2012

MM: Tell us a little about your artistic background.
CB: As a child I was taught to have a high appreciation of art and culture which started my want to be apart of that industry. I am right at the very beginning of my photographic career. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Photography, majoring in Photojournalism, at the Queensland College of Art. It wasn’t until eighteen months ago that I realised where I my practice was going and where I wished it to take me. I wish my images to question the world around us and evoke social change in the viewer. I am also on the Editorial Board of the Australian Photojournalist which is annual, not-for-profit, publication that gives voice to those who have segregated or forgotten by society and mainstream media.

MM: What medium would you consider your art to be?
CB: I work within the conventions of photojournalism and social documentary, using both digital and analogue technologies. Using these conventions I wish to explore the idiosyncratic nature of the human condition by drawing on my own experiences and thoughts. I wish to use my work as a platform to give voice to those who have been rendered silent by those with more power within a society.

MM: Who inspires you?
CB: I find inspiration for my work from contemporary photographers like Uta Barth and Alec Soth and Australian photojournalists such as Adam Ferguson and Katrin Koenning. I also find myself, when having an artist block, turning to the theories of Sigmund Freud or whimsical words of J.M. Barrie in the novel Peter Pan. Photography is more then just a camera and a resulting image, it is a lifestyle so I find myself immersing myself in photography books, cameras, and an endless supply of ideas that will hopefully one day come to fruition.

MM: What do you hope to achieve within the creative community?
CB: I think the ultimate dream would be to able to support myself through photography and to be exhibited nationally and internationally.
MM: Where can our readers check out more of your work?
CB: My work can be found on my website and which is a platform for myself and my photographic partner in crime, Elle Irvine, to show our latest work and news. Also on all the social media platforms of Facebook , Twitter  and Tumblr .

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