The Social Climber

| October 23, 2012

Tyra Banks once said, “You wanna be on top?” We couldn’t quite afford Tyra for this one, but we sang the theme song for Top Model the whole time we were shooting! As menacing as she is, Tyra was not the inspiration behind our latest shoot, The Social Climber. The inspiration was a little more personal, written in black and white and posted across Instagram (#fashion). We thought we would have fun with this one, teaming up with our resident photographer Grace Markham, with styling by Fashion Director Sam Van Grinsven, and deconstructing the term “Social Climber” to a more literal and visual concept.

It was a supposed “simple” and “chilled” shoot, but as always the fashion team at Moustache struggled with the concept of “doing things the easy way”. Within a week we had moved from 1 model to 4, a bigger location and the addition of some dangerous props. The Social Climber features the new, up and coming talent from the new, up and coming modeling agency Mirror Mirror Agencies. Having only been around for 2 years, Mirror Mirror is taking on the long established names in the industry and making an impact.

So here is the response #socialclimber

All pieces shot within The Social Climber are available from Princess Polly and Rag and Bone #local #Brisbane

Hair and Makeup Team: 
Alice McCracken (Head Makeup Artist)
Rachael Allen
Rochelle Rundle


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