In Profile: Dominic Xavier

| December 3, 2012


MM: Tell us a little about your artistic background.
DX: My old man was always a creative, so I guess that’s where it started. However I didn’t really come into my own until as of late. 

MM: What mediums do you work within?
DX: Anyfin’ with a deadline, it’s got to be digital. Although I’ll always shoot film for my passion projects. 

MM: Do you have a creative process or are you more candid in your approach?
DX: Candid fo’ sho.

MM: Who and/or what inspires you? Is there a particular art movement you associate with?
DX: I’ve currently moved to Berlin for a wee bit. The scene here is not only creative driven, but accepting of even the most out there folks. So that’s definitely inspired me to push my own boundaries and vibe off that.

MM: How would you describe your style?
DX: Classical yet innovative. Generally just a “run of the mill” kinda guy. 

MM: What do you hope to achieve within the creative community?
DX: If I’m honest, I haven’t put any goals on a linear timeline, rather I want to enjoy what I’m shooting. If the passion is there, the recognition will come. 

MM: What is this body of work titled?
DX: Comical & Sober.

MM: What are you trying to express through this series? Is there a story?
DX: Always a narrative. This series focuses on the idiosyncrasies I’ve come to love of the people I see on a day-to-day basis.

MM: Was there anything or anyone that significantly influenced this body of work?
DX: No one in particular…more so the people in the images.

MM: What was involved in transforming your initial idea into a tangible product?
DX: A lot of planning. Drinking beers with a good friend of mine, Andrew Sydes. He’s actually just taken on a new project with the fellas over at Green Beacon Brewery in Teneriffe. They’re bout to open up shop, so if you’re in the area pop in and have a real beer.

MM: What do you hope people take away from this collection?
DX: I’ll leave it up to them.

MM: Where can our readers check out more of your work?
DX: Drop a line to my website…always down for a cheeky bev.

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