In Profile: Brynn Chadwick

| February 11, 2013

MM: WHO are you?
BC: I am Brynn Chadwick, but I have only really been called “bird” ever since high school. It’s not the most appropriate story, so we can leave that one for another time haha.

MM: WHAT the hell is your work about?
BC: Hmmmm, I guess can’t say it’s about anything in particular; I like trying so many things. But so far, it’s about me trying to find that “thing” you try so hard to find as an artist. I think some people call it your ‘niche’?

MM: WHEN did you realise you were in tune with the right side of your brain?
BC: I guess it was when I brought a camera about 3 years ago; I got lazy and my friends got really good at skating. So I thought I would become that guy who films everyone and it wouldn’t matter how good I was because I had the camera, haha. That didn’t last long and I ended up really enjoying just taking photos of everything.

MM: WHERE do you draw inspiration from?
BC: My friends and people around me. Things start to happen when people just start feeding off each other.

MM: WHY do you create?
BC: I enjoy it.

MM: HOW does the magic happen – creative process of candid creativity?
BC: Haha, it just happens, something just pops into your head. You see something, read something, anything.

MM: Plans for 2013?
BC: To get my name out there a lot more, and break into the industry. Live off photography; that’s the dream.

MM: So we can stay in the loop, what’s your dot com(s)?
BC: My portfolio can be viewed on my website, although this is all going to change in the next few days. But I keep everything updated on my Tumblr.

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