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| March 13, 2013

MM: WHO are you?

BP: Heya, I’m Bima Perera, but I work under the name ‘Yellowbee’. Born and raised in Japan, and moved to Australia 10 years ago (but ‘originally’ from Sri Lanka. I know, I’m your typical culturally messed up kid! I’m currently an architecture student/illustrator-wanna-be.

WHAT the hell is your work about?

In corny words, trying to marry my love of character designing and architecture. So in practical words, I want to create a scene that feels very rich and detailed, and makes you want to go into the drawing and explore what’s beyond the illustrated scene.

WHEN did you realise you were in tune with the right side of your brain?

I’ve always loved drawing from a very young age, but I only started getting into drawing cityscapes and scenes after I got into architecture. It’s good fun because you get to work with both sides of the brain, with all the perspectives and intricate details!

WHERE do you draw inspiration from?

Cityscapes and landscapes, sneaky alleyways, shops filled with trinkets, illuminative night lights and starry nights, and everyone’s favourite, people watching. I also love, love books and comics, as well as animated films; my favourites being Kiki’s Delivery Service, L’illusioniste, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Tekkonkinkreet, Princes and Princesses.

WHY do you create?

I used to do it just for myself, but when people are around and you can get what you’re trying to convey across the paper, they always leave you with a silly smile

HOW does the magic happen – the creative process of candid creativity?

Trying to remember and gather all the inspirations and feelings, and then *bam!!* …Kidding, lots and lots of ideas and planning, and testing out with colour combinations. I almost always traditionally draw/colour it up, and then digitally alter it for that little bit of magical feel!

Plans for 2013?

Trying to grow as much as I can, I guess! Also I’ll be taking part in Brisbane’s RAW Art exhibition, I’ve got couple of new pieces for the show so come and check them out. 🙂

So we can stay in the loop, what’s your dot com(s)?

I have a Facebook and a blog that I upload scribbles and scraps. Come say hi and all. 🙂

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