In Profile: Betirri Bengtson

| July 24, 2013

MM: WHO are you?

RB: My name is Betirri Bengtson. I’m a futbol painter.

WHAT the hell is your work about?

My work is about the essence and passion of the beautiful game; futbol! In our past, the great painters before us like Michelangelo, Monet, and Picasso brought eternal life, beauty, and emotion to subjects that carried inherent significance in their times (religion, events, war, and landscapes).  With the futbol series, I bring to life the significance and inherent beauty of futbol.

WHEN did you realise you were in tune with the right side of your brain?

I’ve enjoyed doing art ever since I can remember.

WHERE do you draw inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from watching futbol, attending futbol matches, [and] listening to discussions about the passion of each fan.

WHY do you create?                         

I paint futbol because I believe in it. It is a sport nearly parallel to an art form as you engage practically every part of your body in rhythmic unison, moving as one with the ball.  It has a very profound effect upon the people of the world because it is everyone’s sport and anyone, anywhere can play.

I memorialise the beautiful game, and the passion that I share with so many onto canvas.  Whether or not you are familiar with futbol, I try to express the deep emotion, the rhythm, and the powerful sentiments within my paintings. The absence of the players’ image, upon a distinctive backdrop, shifts our focus to the rich detail of the values, lighting, and the perceived motion of the bodies juxtaposed in competition, and it allows the rivalry and traditions of this beautiful sport to live on as timeless.

HOW does the magic happen – creative process of candid creativity?

I start by learning some history about every team and their rivalry. Then I recreate a digital composition with different images. After that, I do pencil and colour marker sketches on paper. Finally I start the painting, where I mainly use acrylic on canvases.

Plans for 2013?

My plans for the rest of the year is keep doing more futbol art. Expose them everywhere and hopefully bring them to [the] Brazil 2014 World Cup. My aspiration is to continue to unite the undying passion for futbol with the eternal beauty of art, and through my work, hope to one day become a part of art history.

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