Edda Hamar (Undress Brisbane): Interview #2

| August 19, 2013


Words by Emily Chantler 

Edda Hamar is one busy woman.  As the Director of Undress Brisbane she is currently prepping for their third sustainable fashion runway, taking place in an as-yet, undisclosed Brisbane car park on October 12th.  Tickets for the annual event – featuring an array of emerging and established ‘green’ designers and organic cocktails  – will be available from the Undress Brisbane website at the end of the month.

Despite her business, Edda was happy to chat about her upcoming plans for this year’s runway.

MM: How have you insured that the event is as sustainable as it can be?

EH: While Undress Brisbane primarily focuses on showcasing sustainable designers, we keep a lot of other areas of the event eco-friendly. Last year our runway was made from recycled pallets, all the furniture was borrowed or hired (one nice thing about hiring equipment is that you know it’s getting lots of use!) and the gift bags were made from material off-cuts.

All our printing is done through Shout Graphics who print on 100% recycled stock. Any posters you see around are all eco-friendly. Internally, all documentation at Undress Brisbane is kept in a digital format, which cuts out printing by the team.

This year our gift bags will be made from recycled denim – jeans from around Brisbane. We will also have a sustainable design exhibition to showcase other areas of sustainability.

We are looking to make the event carbon-neutral this year.

Undress Brisbane

MM: What do you look for when choosing someone to be the face of Undress Brisbane?

EH: We look for someone with a strong look and confident walk. We need guts behind a pretty face, someone ready to be a sustainable fashion superhero. A positive attitude and being easy to work with is important as we often do out-of-the-ordinary shoots and require flexibility and creativity on set.

MM: Similarly, what’s the process for selecting the featured brands for this year’s runway?

EH: We’re lucky to have a lot of great designers apply and unfortunately, we can’t say yes to everyone, there’s just not enough time on event night.

First, we look at their approach to sustainability and the degree to which their label is sustainable. We like to showcase a variety of ways to be sustainable in the show so it’s important that we have designers from different categories.

Then we look at the aesthetics of the designs they submit: originality and quality of their collection, if they’re on-trend and if they have any ‘wow’ pieces. Making sure we are choosing a variety of different styles and dress codes to showcase an example of an entirely sustainable wardrobe from underwear to formal wear. Finally we look at how fast their label is growing, their online presence and what their future plans are.


MM: What lessons have you learnt from the two previous runways to bring to this year?

EH: Haha, so many! Keeping it simple is really important. It may not sound complicated when you’re planning it but it always ends up being more work that it looked like originally. The runway show is an excellent example, how hard can it be to run one show, on one night of the year? Really hard – it takes 9 months and a team of 20 to get the show ready.

Another thing we’ve learned is preparation is key. When you have over 500 people trying to get into the show within a 30-minute time frame, you’ve got quite a job on your hands! Crowd control was a steep learning curve last year. The length of the runway is also something we are working on. It’s never been big enough for our entire guest to get a proper view. This year we are doubling the length of the runway and providing extra seating so that everyone in the car park has a clear view of the runway.

One thing we keep reminding ourselves about at Undress Brisbane is to think outside the box and always try to exceed our guests’ expectations. Little things like hand-made gift bags, organic cocktails and good music can change your night from good to great. 

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