In Profile: Venom Vision

| August 5, 2013

MM: WHO are you?

VV: Venom Vision.

WHAT the hell is your work about?

I’m inspired by the beauty that exists in darkness, arid spaces and far away places.  I am drawn to the sense of quiet, and the lonely nature of desolate, forlorn landscapes and it is within these places I endeavour to create pictures that embody this energy. I utilise film making and photography to encapsulate my vision.

WHEN did you realise you were in tune with the right side of your brain?

When I did that left brain/right brain test on the internet with the animation of the girl that spins around.  No not really, it was when I started playing around with a tiny plastic digital camera that came free with a magazine subscription when I was 16.  I started writing poetry and I would apply lines of my writing to my photos in Photoshop and then add music and some transitions to create these little montages.   It was an organic creative expression for me.  I loved creating realms where I’d rather be.  Far away, mystifying places.  I’ve always been drawn to dark fantasy worlds.

WHERE do you draw inspiration from?

The subconscious, space, dreams and film I watch.  The weather; the wind and storms.  Darkness; the night, the night sky, dark overcast days.  I even shower in the dark.   In darkness is where the ideas happen!  People who have sad eyes, lonely people.  I can detect their presence in a crowd of people and I’ve always been drawn to those people since a young age and find their energy very intriguing.    Chris Cunningham, he is a mastermind!  What he created for Madonna’s ‘Frozen’ music video is mesmerising.  I really connect to his vision as a director. Film makers like Gaspar Noe, Darren Aronofsky, David Lynch, Gregg Araki and Nicolas Winding Refn; they create such confronting, provocative and unforgettable imagery. I revel in their masterpieces.  Music is hugely influential to my ideas.  I imagine the most disarming, mystic landscapes when I listen to music like Godflesh and Om; I then try to translate that imagery from my mind into imagery I can create with my camera.  It could never translate exactly but I’m able to channel the essence, the mood that resonates with the music.  Wisconsin Death Trip by Static X has been a significant inspiration to photos I’ve shot.   I’ve also drawn inspiration from H.P Lovecraft, his writing is awe inspiring and I can relate to it like no other. He paints the darkest landscapes with his words.

WHY do you create?

I’m compelled to do so.  Maybe I was exorcised once and the mantra stuck.

HOW does the magic happen – creative process of candid creativity?

When listening to my music and watching amazing film.  When the sun goes down is when ideas grow and breed.  My mind works at a richer, better frequency at night.  Also in the morning when I write down my dreams and nightmares my ideas begin to manifest, but only for a moment, as I prefer to explore those ideas later that day and into the night for deeper contemplation and introspection.

Plans for 2013?

Working on a new body of work to be shown later this year.  I have some exciting shows I’m a part of in Brooklyn, NY.  Looking forward to being on New York soil in 2014!

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