Work for Mr. West?

| September 20, 2013


Words by Mayowa Adeniyi

If you have ever thought of what it would be like to work for rapper-turned-designer-turned-rapper-turned-designer again Kanye West you may have just missed out on your chance. Last week two job notices were posted on networking website LinkedIn for a vaguely named “Kanye west clothing project” in New York.

The two positions advertised were for a Chief Financial Officer and another for a Vice President of production, both of which are by no means entry-level positions. Included in the posts’ description is the fact that unlike other celebrity fashion collaborations “this venture will have the power of Mr. West’s creative genius at the heart and soul of it.” It also mentions the rapper/producer’s previous experience studying and working with the design houses of Fendi, Giuseppe Zanotti, Nike, and Louis Vuitton. It all seems legit but what the ad doesn’t tell you is that there would probably be some level of paying regular homage to Mr West’s ego expected. These days though such ego worship could be expected in any workplace with a somebody at the top.

The staffing firm behind the notices, Decision Toolbox is no longer accepting applications for the project; however, don’t stay hung up at your missed opportunity. Working for Kanye West can still be a possibility as unconventional as the man himself. Current assistant Hanna Christian was an aspiring visual artist hired on the spot after having daily conversations with West as she served him at New York’s Mercer Hotel. This shows there is still hope for your future at Kanye Inc., provided you actually live in New York or Paris and can just happen to run into him fairly easily.



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