Baroque Got A Makeover

| October 4, 2013


Words by Rosie Kirby

I have never been one for old musky art museums with old cracked paintings; the thickly framed landscapes and portraits of old scholars don’t really do it for me. Modern art is more my thing. I love ambling through airy, beautiful modern art galleries. But I like going alone. I cannot stand it when I’m trying to enjoy the artworks and I hear someone whine, “a five year old could do that”. As far as I’m concerned, either you enjoy the art or get out. But I’ve changed now. I’ve been converted. In a mixture of the old and the new, American artist Christy Lee Rogers has revolutionised baroque masterpieces, as everyone knows them.

Look at this.

First CLR-1

It looks like a beautiful old baroque masterpiece. It’s reminiscent of a celestial wonders. The swirling fabrics and the smooth curves of human flesh are so beautifully painted on canvas.

Except they’re not painted.

It’s a photograph.

Christy Lee Rogers is a photographer who captures her subjects as they swirl through water. It is reminiscent of a baroque masterpiece, but it isn’t a baroque masterpiece, it’s a modern masterpiece.

After shooting too much ‘reality’ Rogers was ‘getting bored’. She accidentally stumbled upon this style when she was taking photos in a friend’s pool. Since then she has spent years refining her style, trying different cameras and pools, materials and techniques. She worked 16-hour days and loved every second.

Rogers has a relationship with photography that has the potential to inspire a new take on life.

“I think at the basic core is that search for freedom and that common bond between all of us. We all know we want something more, we know it’s there, and we all feel the pressures of society, of life, so you’re seeing that back-and-forth in the images,” she says.

The swirling fabrics and moving human forms are so boundless and beautiful to watch. They evoke such otherworldly feelings. They make something like baroque art new and wonderful. Her artwork has the potential to make a whole new generation fall in love with art and photography.

After all, that’s what she’s done for me. I could go for a wander through an old museum now. I probably wouldn’t even mind the musty smell.

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