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| October 28, 2013

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Words by Mija Kovacic

OH Halloween. It’s the day that people either love or hate, and annoyingly for one half, I’m a die-hard fan. The good ole’ commercialised American tradition is underrated if you ask me, and while most people I’ve spoken to have nothing in their plans for the spooktacular night, I’m here to spark some inspiration in you and get you dressed up and ready to go. If you don’t really want to dress up in underwear in public this year (or maybe you do), we’ve got a nifty little list of celebratory ideas that you might want to take up.

1. Halloween parties

It’s the most obvious one, really, and not necessarily for everyone, but if you’re looking for an excuse to go out on a school night, you’ve found one. Look into the clubs and bars you may usually like going to and see if they have any events on for the night – chances are they do, and get your scariest/cutest/sluttiest costume ready, stat!

2. Movie night

Hit up your local arts and crafts store and stock up on some black and orange fabrics, and white and grey tulle to vamp up your living room/bedroom and get some people over for a bit of a scary movie night. Don’t stop there though – fairy lights, candles, and candies all add to the theme. Cover your floor in pillows and blankets, stock up on countless bowls of popcorn, and rent out some movies to give you and your friends the heebie-jeebies. Turn it into an all-night marathon so you have an excuse for why you couldn’t sleep all night.

3. Themed theme parks

If you’re not much of a movie-goer, and would rather be a part of the action, this is your best bet. Chances are, around Halloween time, theme parks are running, well, themes, and open themselves up to you (bow-chicka-wow-wow) during the nights of October. Imagine Freddy Krueger chasing you down the street, entering the scenes of the Saw movies while being followed by a little masked man on a tricycle, and haunted mazes you’ll lose yourself in. Smoke fills the theme park streets, and the screams are so frequent you don’t know if they’re coming from the people on the streets or rides.

4. Host a party

Not the get-wasted-and-finger-bang-a-girl-on-someone’s-sofa kind of party. I’m talking a themed little dinner party. Same decorating rules apply as the movie night, really – get as creative as you want! Carve pumpkins with your guests and don’t tell them they’re actually helping you with your meal as you take the cutouts to the kitchen. Serve themed foods and desserts. Not quite sure what? I heard a rumour our girl Andrea is whipping something up for you guys so we got you covered.

5. Trick or treating

There is absolutely no age limit to trick or treating and I don’t care what anyone says. Get yourself a cute little basket (or plastic bag from Woolies, whichever works) and check out the trick or treating hot-spots in your town. Dress up with your friends and take to the streets. If in the end, you aren’t too happy with your results, 7-11s are open 24 hours and you can get packets upon packets of chocolate to dig into anyway. It’s win-win.

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