Momember This: Interview: MKO

| December 25, 2013

Words by Anthony Thomas

WEST End’s bustling music culture has given birth to many great local acts, but right now, I want to direct your attention to MKO. Emerging at the end of 2011, MKO is Hannah Macklin (of Hannah Macklin and the Maxwells fame) and her three trusty sidekicks Peta, Steele. and Myka. Their debut EP, Awaken the Herd, saw a distinctly eclectic sound emerge from the band as vibrant vocals did the audio tango with splashes of colourful left-field beats, peculiar samples and danceable bass-lines.

2013 marks their return to the spotlight with follow up effort, Lily Lotus Orchid Sunflower, out March 15. Not sure if you’ve heard the first single, “Snarly”, but they have certainly upped the anti. Hannah and I had a live Valentine’s chat about the EP; safe to say, I’m swooning.

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