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| December 11, 2013



Make money as you shop at ASOS Marketplace. || Image:

Words by John Warwick

UK online fashion retailer ASOS has become a saviour for many people’s wardrobes. Since its launch in 2000, ASOS has grown into an established global retailer, shipping to over 237 countries, and creating specific ASOS online stores for France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Russia, Australia, China, and the United States. In 2012, ASOS opened their first international office in Sydney, Australia. They are literally taking over the world.

With over 50, 000 brands including their own label products, you’d think ASOS has got you covered for a fashionable, yet affordable wardrobe. However, they can offer you an opportunity to make money while you shop! Allow me to introduce you to ASOS Marketplace.

“What’s ASOS Marketplace?” you ask, while you simultaneously add more hashtags to your Instagram selfie photo. Well, #babe, let me elaborate.

ASOS Marketplace, as the name implies, is a marketplace. People all over the world can sell their fashion to anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world. It gives the opportunity for small fashion brands and boutiques to either sell their own label or other brands directly to the shopper.

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ASOS Marketplace has people all over the world sell their fashion to anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world. || Image: John Warwick

As a shopper, it gives you the opportunity to shop for newly designed fashion labels or vintage fashion products that are often hard to find in retail stores. This makes your wardrobe a little more exclusive and unique. With a lot of previous trends re-entering contemporary fashion, Marketplace is your first stop to begin looking for that one-of-a-kind vintage wardrobe key piece. No need to wear your Grandad’s clothes to look incredible.

Marketplace also gives the opportunity for individuals, just like you and me, to sell items from their wardrobe to fund their next fashion fix. You can list up to 100 items online for free, with ASOS only getting 5% commission when the item sells. And the best thing? Some of that commission will go towards charity via the ASOS Foundation.

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Some of the commission ASOS Marketplace gets from your sales will go towards their charitable foundation. || Image: John Warwick

It’s a great way to simultaneously fund your little shopping, as well as giving new homes to those previously loved items from your wardrobe. You can finally get rid of all those mustard-coloured clothing, because it’s not 2012 anymore.

Marketplace is just another aspect that makes us love ASOS even more! If you’re a budding fashion designer or an individual wanting to sell those worn out vintage jeans, Marketplace is a great platform to get your name and products exposed on a global scale.

Make sure you check out ASOS Marketplace and ASOS Australia today!




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