Submission: Animalistic / Calais

| December 11, 2013


Words by Jacqui Picone

CONSISTENCY is rarely an attribute associated with young bands. Where most have one great song and fade back to obscurity, local band Calais have managed to consistently deliver music that makes your pulse race. Born out of a Brisbane high school, Calais have proved time and time again that there’s nothing mediocre about the music they produce. Heavy riffs, thumping rhythms, and intricate lyrics, it’s rock and roll for the intellectual and frankly, it’s fantastic.

Following their 2012 release of single “Marvel”, Calais have returned with a more refined sound in new single “Animalistic”, reflecting both the age of the band and the attention to detail that can only come from experience. Recorded with Joel Adams from Malice Audio, “Animalistic” is a clean, mature rock record that sounds like it’s come from a band twice their age. Guitar heavy, it introduces a previously unheard synth component that creates a bigger sound and fills the holes their last single “Marvel” showed.

Blending electronica with more natural sounds, it reaches into previously uncharted territory for the five piece band. With a chorus that relies on some fantastic synth textures and a catchy beat to match, it’s one of their best efforts yet, and is a surefire favourite for fans and new listeners alike. Where many bands can ignore criticism and never develop, Calais appear to have taken on a constructive approach to improving their sound and the results could not be better. Both their lyrical content and sublime music are well on their way to being world class, and it’s a testament to their hard working demeanor.

Definitely worth a listen, it’s classic rock for the indie generation and I cannot recommend it more.

Animalistic was released 5 December. 

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