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| January 21, 2014



Greek dancing is accompanied by the sound of bouzoukis at Greek on Cav. || Image: Maria Ermides.

Words by Maria Ermides

AS a person of Greek origin, I often get asked where to go for good souvlaki in Brisbane. My first response is to tell that person that there is more to Greek food then lamb on a stick, and my second response is usually in the form of directions to West End. Thankfully I now have an alternative answer, with newcomer Greek on Cav in Coorparoo, leading the pack.

First off, what I like about this place is the fact that you get served by Greek waiters. Not only do you get a nice accent (and not a bad face either, might I add), but you get a better opinion instead of the standard ‘Uh, I don’t know, everything is good” response. When I go to an ethnic restaurant, I want an authentic experience, not a 16-year-old that can barely pronounce half of the menu. When it comes to eating Greek, my belief is that it’s necessary to eat like one, which means sharing your food. I know as Australians, we like to split our meals and bills accordingly, but when you have such an extensive menu to choose from, it’s a shame to be stingy. Arriving with a full appetite, and a loose fitting dress, I was prepared to eat enough to feed a small Greek village.


Sharing your meals is the quintessential ethnic experience. || Image: Maria Ermides.

Starting with the classic choice of Greek salad, dips, and pita bread, our taste buds were greeted with the familiar taste of the Mediterranean (olive oil, and plenty of it). With a vegetarian in tow, we kept to a strictly seafood theme for the night, which isn’t a difficult task given the variety on offer. We were recommended the zucchini flowers by our attentive and attractive waiter, which proved to be my favourite dish of the night. Now I know what you’re thinking, zucchini is lame, but trust me; when it’s stuffed with two different types of cheeses, you won’t even realise you’re eating a vegetable. The grilled octopus in olive oil in oregano was also a highlight, and was given the seal of approval by my friend, who apparently is a self-proclaimed octopus connoisseur. Our final offering of garlic prawns on skewers were good, but probably as good as any prawns I’ve had elsewhere.


It takes a lot of courage to say that there’s better food than your Greek grandmother’s. || Image: Maria Ermides

Giving us time to consider whether we actually needed dessert, a half-time show of Greek dancing was on display, accompanied by the sound of bouzouki (Greek guitar). Prompted by our waiter once again, who stated that they were better than his grandmother’s, we decided that yes, we absolutely needed the honey puffs. Now I’ve been to my fair share of paniyiris and even had a few platefuls in the motherland, but even I have to say these are the best honey puffs I’ve ever had. Crispy on the outside, and soft like pillows of sugary goodness on the inside, these golden balls are what dreams are made of. Another must on the dessert side of things is the baklava or ouzo ice cream, which are both made especially for the restaurant.


Religious iconography and family pictures make up the decor of this quaint eatery. || Image: Maria Ermides

I may be bias but amid the swarms of wanky places one can find in certain inner-city burrows, it’s nice to find a place that gets back to basics. And if you take the time to look around the restaurant, you’ll find old black and white photos of the owner’s family, which makes you feel nostalgic, even as a relative stranger. So if you’re looking for an adventure on your Friday or Saturday night, make the trip to Coorparoo and see what life is like in the old country.

Tips: Fridays and Saturdays are extremely busy and you will have to be patient when waiting for your meal. Also get a table outside, as it’s easier to hear what the person your dining with is actually saying.

Greek on Cav
4/377 Cavendish Road Coorparoo
Ph: [07] 3397 2613
BYO and takeout are both available
Open Tues-5pm to 9pm
Wed to Sunday-12pm to 9pm

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