6 Real Life Scary Stories Told By Reddit Users

| February 18, 2014



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Words by John Warwick

HERE at Moustache Magazine, we like to keep things light. This is why I thought we’d get a little dark for once.

I decided to venture into the world of Reddit, as I was sick of seeing #mnb hashtags all over my social media. For some unusual reason, the first thought that came to mind when I got onto the social news website was looking up true scary stories (paranormal or otherwise) that have been posted.

Firstly, I’m not some sort of scare addict; I’m actually the complete opposite. I had my eyes shut during the majority of the PG rated Disney film, Haunted Mansion. However, I was oddly curious about some of the terrifying and supernatural experiences everyday people have had in their lifetime. There are definitely some there that make the all the hairs on your body stand up. The only scary experiences I’ve had are premonition dreams and the constant feeling of being watched.

I chose six true stories (if they aren’t, they’ve been written well) that gave me full body chills. Hopefully, they will do the same for you too.

It is probably recommended to read this during the day, unless you want to stay up all night watching your door.

Demon Stalker


 This story scares the crap out of me every time I think about it.

I was at my grandparents house one night, my grandmother then came into my room at 3:30 in the morning and told me, “Your grandfather needs your help. Get up”. This sort of startled me because she has never done anything like this. I go out to where my grandfather is right outside the door that goes into the garage and he tells me that, “The garage door just went up and down 6 or 7 times we need to check it out.” I obviously said alright and we went into the garage only the find the pull-string that prevents the door from opening, which can only be pulled form the inside, was pulled. He looks at me and says, “We have to go outside to fix it so no one can get in”. We then head outside and when we rounded the corner to look at the garage the motion lights came on and there seemed to be scratches on the door. He and I fixed the door and went back to bed.

About two weeks after this, I was staying there again and woke up at around 2:30 in the morning to hearing stomping in the kitchen, which is very close to my room. I get up and hear the stomps come closer to my door and stop. I figured that my grandfather was adjusting the thermostat. I opened my door to see what was going on only to find that everyone in the house was asleep and all the lights were turned off. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep well that night.

A few weeks passed and I went over there on a weekend because I had nothing better to do. Since it was a weekend I stayed up rather late and fell asleep watching TV on my bed with my door opened. It was about 1:30 in the morning and for whatever reason I woke up without any reason. I look around and realize that I had fallen asleep with the TV on. I looked at my door and at that instance I saw a man-sized figure step out of my doorway and walk down the hall towards the kitchen. I slammed my door and stayed up all night. By this time, I was pretty convinced I had a demon or ghost or something in my grandparents house. I was just relieved that whatever was in their house wasn’t following me.

Maybe a month after the last incident happened, I was at my dad’s house and I was about to go to sleep. At my dad’s I am on the other side of the house from everyone. It was maybe 10:30 at night and I was about to go to sleep. I had laid down, turned my TV off and was drifting to sleep. Then outside of my door, I heard a combination of stomping and a really low sound. This honestly scared the hell out of me. I, in all of my infinite wisdom, decided to see what it was. When I opened my door, I saw the same thing that I saw at my grandparents house. I teared up from fear and left the light on and fitfully tried to sleep. It didn’t work well.

Maybe a month and a half had passed after the last incident. I was at a friends house and he and I cleaned out his shed to we could just hang out in there and smoke his hookah. He usually has a lot of people over to his house, but this night it was just he and I. We were smoking hookah and were almost finished. We were just listening to some music and I was just sitting there listening to the music when all of the sudden a black flash darted underneath my legs but I didn’t feel anything. I start to look around to see if one of his cats came in with us. As I started to look around, I realize that there is no cat in the shed. I start to become afraid on the inside but trying to keep myself outwardly calm. I look up at my friend, who the look of being close to panic and, all he says to me is, “I think something just ran underneath your legs.” At this point, I started freaking out because I didn’t say anything about it. He told me that he saw it as well. We both ran out of the shed and went into his house and just watched TV until we calmed down and went to sleep.

This was the last time anything like that has happened. This was maybe 3 weeks ago. I saw this question and figured that this could be a good read to someone TL;DR: I have a demon and it’s scary

The Mailman

staticzapper :

When I was maybe 10-11 I was home sick from school, and was on the couch watching TV when the doorbell rang. It was the mailman, who told me that we had gotten a package, but it was so big that he needed help carrying it. I wasn’t that old, but I knew right away something was wrong.

I asked him where his truck was, because I didn’t see it parked out front. He kept telling me it was around the corner. I asked him why the regular mailman (who always brought lollypops) wasn’t here, and I was told he was visiting family. He kept telling me to open the front door, but I politely told him that I wasn’t feeling well and that I wasn’t allowed to leave the house. I told him we would pick up the box from the post office, and he was telling me how much of a hassle that would be, and how my mom would want me to do her this favor. I told him that I would come outside, but that I had to get my shoes from upstairs first. I closed the front door, and locked it. Then I ran through the house and locked the back door and called my neighbor who worked from home. She was a close family friend, and I called her up screaming into the phone that she had to come over right now.

Then I stood at the locked front door, and stared at the man through the window in the door. He saw he staring and yelled through the door asking if I found my shoes, so I yelled to him that I called my neighbor to help carry it because she’s older and stronger. He just turned around and ran.

They never caught him. I always wondered if he ever managed to trick some other kid.


The Man in the Second Room


True story time. I was about four or five years old and my parents had just separated. My mom was living in a two bedroom apartment, I had my own room but I liked sleeping in her bed whenever I was staying with her. Our two bedrooms were at the end of a hallway, directly across from each other. Our apartment was on the first floor, and I remember that it was in the middle of the summer and my mom had a window open her room, that was directly behind the bed (above the headboard).

Anyways, I woke up in the middle of the night and remember sitting up and seeing that our cat was sitting in the door frame of my mom’s room (her door was open and you could partially see into my bedroom). It was strange because our cat was a huge snuggler and was typically always in bed with us. As I was watching him he walked into my bedroom and meowed. I turned to face my mom and wake her up. In the three-four seconds it took her to wake up and ask me what was wrong we both looked back up in the door frame and their was a man standing by my open door, making his way out of my bedroom. I still don’t know how she managed to do it so quickly, but my mother proceeded to pick me up and literally throw me out of the screen window (again, we were on the first floor and it was maybe a three foot drop to the ground). She quickly followed and we were able to start screaming for help and someone called 911.

The police came but didn’t see any signs of forced entry. Only that our front door was unlocked which led them to believe the man must have exited that way. But the strange thing was that my mom swore up and down that she had locked the door that night, with the deadbolt and chain lock. About a week later she was cleaning the kitchen and opened up our water heater closet and found a notebook with names and drawings, as well as a pair of gloves and some gum wrappers. The man had been in our house and hid until we were asleep.

Crazy Aunt

RunUpToHortons :

A terrifying, but true story I experienced when I was 12.

I moved to my dads when I was 10 and didn’t know anyone in the area, except for the family my dad was friends with. Single mom with 3 kids, luckily there was a girl a couple years older than me (12 at the time I met her) and we got to know each other a little over a couple years.

We weren’t close, but ended up having the same friends. One night my friend Rob was hanging out with her and her younger brother. They happened to be in the house alone because my friends mom was at work. Which is where this gets terrifying and sad. Her mother has been helping this one lady (through her work) and got to know her fairly well. She found out her sister was in a mental institution and was let out recently…

The night Rob is hanging out with my friend, they get a knock on the door. My friend thought it was just their mom (she knocks a certain way when coming in) and answered it without thinking. Rob wasn’t supposed to be there and he took off through the window to his house down the road. He never thought twice about it.

Wasn’t her mom. It was the sister of the lady her mom was helping, and she figured out through talking to her sister where her family lived and her moms working schedule. She came in, and this is where is don’t know details and I’m glad I don’t. My friend’s younger brother got away to the neighbours to call the police. The lady brutally murdered my friend a week from Christmas. Decapitated her and left her body, naked in a bathtub. Hid her head. They had to look through the presents and I don’t know where they found it, but they did. I wasn’t allowed to go to her funeral.


The Black Girl

 aigret :

One of my close friends lived next to a house that was always vacant. It would sell, people would move in, and then one day they’d be gone and the house would be up for sale again. One summer, when the house was listed again and the last family had moved out, we decided to go take a tour and eat some Jack in the Box we had picked up. We weren’t very smart sometimes and thought it would be cool to play chicken with whatever was haunting this house. My friend was really skinny and crawled through the dog door that led straight into the kitchen, then opened the back door for me.

We went through all of the rooms and it was pretty nondescript, just a typical 50s style bungalow house with a similar layout to his home, lots of pretty woodwork and built-ins. After we determined that the house really wasn’t that creepy after all, we sat down in the dining area, on the floor, across from a little horseshoe shaped nook with a kitchen table and built-in bench. It was dusk out but the windows didn’t have curtains and it never got that dark in our city, anyway. At this point, we had been in the house for maybe 25 minutes and after we finished eating we stayed sitting just to hang out and talk since we weren’t spooked out at all.

All of a sudden, mid-sentence, completely out of nowhere, my vision went black and I felt this eerie coldness wash all over me (I’m getting chills thinking about it), a feeling so thick I felt like it penetrated my through my body down to my bones. At the very same moment this happened, my friend screamed. I virtually could not see anything and was groping around trying to find something to grab onto and I felt so unsettled and ..cold. There’s really no other word for it. After what felt like hours, I felt my friend’s hands in mine and he pulled me to my feet and drug me through the house to the back door. He kept pulling on my arm and I still couldn’t see anything. We got outside and slowly ..you know that feeling when you get a whole body shiver and it runs down your spine? As soon as I was outside, that’s what I felt, except this was a whole body shiver that started at the tip of my toes and went all the way up to my scalp, and unexpectedly and suddenly I could see again.

My friend was as pale as a sheet and looked absolutely terrified. I felt off and sort of, gross, I guess is the best word, and in shock. I told him that I couldn’t see at all until I was outside, that it felt like I had been enveloped in blackness. He was just staring at me and I finally asked him why he had screamed. He hugged me and told me that he pulled me out of the house as soon as I started reaching around like I was blind because a little girl who was completely black, and yet see through, crawled out from under the table we were across from and sat on top of me.

The White Lady

wesuL :

I’ve told this before and it didn’t happen directly to me, but the following occurred during a family Christmas party when I was a wee lad:

We were all together in the living room with the exception of my aunt and grandmother. They were in the kitchen cooking dinner. My grandparent’s house was set up so that the only way to enter was through the living room or the kitchen and they were connected to each other. Someone could enter through the upstairs windows, but that would require them to be unlocked and a pretty big fucking ladder. Anywho, we had all been sitting around for a few hours while dinner was being made when my grandfather decided to go upstairs for some reason or another.

As he was about halfway up the stairs a woman in a wedding dress, holding an infant, took the corner and stood at the top of the stairs staring at my grandfather. He was understandably spooked and kind of taken aback. He attempted to say something, but couldn’t. He backed down the stairs and the woman slowly followed him down. My grandfather backed into the kitchen and the woman followed him into it as well. She stared at my grandfather, grandmother, and aunt and just laughed before she turned and walked out the back door. After a few seconds of “what the fuck” had passed, my grandfather went outside to follow her. She was nowhere to be found.

My grandparents lived in a very secluded area. We have no idea who this woman was or how she got into the house. All windows were locked and she couldn’t have sneaked past any of us. She sat upstairs with a fucking baby for hours before just up and leaving. Nothing was stolen or even touched. Her disappearing afterwards just fucks our minds even more.

Here’s a video that might make you feel better!

If you’ve got your own personal scary story, make sure you email it to us at grow@moustachemagazine.com. We love a good scare, unless it’s an STI scare, then no thanks.




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