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| April 29, 2014



Image: bleachprojectinc.tumblr

Words by Matt Huxley

IF I was to tell you that I am wearing something from Bleach Project Inc, you would probably scratch your head and be like “Matt, wtf are you going on about.” Well get ready to recognize that name, because Bleach Project is going to be the name on everyone’s lips in a few months.

This new Bali-based brand has skyrocketed in popularity since its 2013 inception, with their sporty street aesthetic especially resonating in the Australian market. But this isn’t just another brand creating a few football jerseys and calling itself urban. Bleach Project’s creator and designer Yasir Bawazier has taken his second collection, entitled The Lost Boys, to the next level. The soon-to-be-released a/w collection has truly taken sporty to luxe levels.

I am currently sitting at my desk with several samples that Bawazier has kindly sent me for review. I am in a perpetual state of amazement as I’m writing this. They are just so brilliantly constructed. The cutting is clean and precise. The fabrics, brilliantly sourced, with rich, beautiful patterns and designs. This is not something I’d expected from a Balinese brand who’d I’d honestly never heard of until they contacted Moustache Magazine via Instagram (generic plug: @moustachemagazine mofos).

Casting my eye over the rest of the extensive collection, the breadth of the collection is surprising. There are around 30 different looks, and countless individual items. This is a collection designed to catapult Bleach Project into the big leagues.

Sporty, edgy and comfortable is the brand motto, and together with its New York City inspiration, the collection is incredibly desirable. Think graphic prints in a variety of materials outfitted in quilted jackets, mesh pants, oversized parkas, gym wear, the list goes on. What really catches my eye however is the prints. They remind me of Mary Katrantzou’s digital era. Bawazier has sensibly provided both incredibly bright colours, as well as a more muted selection for the more restrained amongst us: those with less swag.

A few key pieces stand out in particular to me: a cotton shirt with a leather sleeve that is so rigid that it has a vague star wars connotation to it, a pastel galaxy print pant, a digital print quilted jacket and pant combo, a graphic oversized parka. The sporty aesthetic is very clear in the silhouette. It is oversized, it is layered and it is so totally perfect for a Brisbane winter.

Bawazier should be incredibly proud of his collection. Bleach Project Inc. is definitely about to skyrocket into the fashion stratosphere. If fashion forward is your thing and you’ve got a hankering for some fucking amazing street sportswear, then make sure you check out Bleach Project. Their previous collection is available for purchase from here.

Word isn’t out yet on just when The Lost Boys will be available for purchase, but I’ll be beating you bitches off with a stick to get to it first.

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