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Words by Mayowa Adeniyi

GABRIELLE Russell is a young emerging designer and a name you should probably keep in mind for the future. Barely* just out of school, she is already designing from her own eponymously named label Barcode by Gabrielle. She utilises a material known as Neoprene (the same material used in scuba suits) to make well-fitting bikinis that manage to stand out whether at the beach, pool or even on back deck while you catch a few tan rays. I caught up with her to find out a bit more about the girl and the label she has built for herself in such a short time. Barcode by Gabrielle’s Gabrielle Russell on;


My name is Gabrielle Russell. I am known for being a funny, outgoing, bubbly young woman who loves fashion and dressing up whenever and wherever. I have done acting and singing for 10 years but found myself loving the ability to sew and create garments. I totally agree with people who embrace themselves and follow their dreams.

Getting her own label started:

Barcode started in late 2013. After making neoprene swimwear for an assessment, I fell in love with the idea. So I started Barcode by Gabrielle on the side of college work. This year it’s part of our assessment to start a label and make a business plan and decide on if you want to start to sell. “Barcode” in Barcode by Gabrielle portrays the modern vibe of my designs and fabrics. Gabrielle (my name) was added to give an elegant sound.

The inspiration behind using Neoprene and finding out about it:

Like I said I used Neoprene for an assessment. My friend introduced me to the fabric. Even though it is very difficult to sew, it has many positives. I love how it can create natural curves and how it folds around the body to give you a body you are confident with. It’s fantastic to use for swimwear as it’s also known for being the wetsuit material.

People’s reactions, to her creations:

Since the photo-shoot more people have been asking when the swimwear will be up for grabs. They love the designs! Strangers and friends have said that the idea of featuring the chunky zippers is fantastic!

The kind of girl she has in mind when designing:

Creative, funky, fun and confident.

What that girl does:

The target market of Barcode is between the ages of 13 to 30’s. They can be anyone from a mother to a teen who loves keeping up with fashion trends whilst feeling comfortable.

The part in her design’s description that says “For those who dare to swim in the colder seasons, Neoprene is for you!”:

Well for people like me who dare to go for a sneaky swim in wintertime, Neoprene is fantastic because it keeps water from touching your skin therefore keeping your body at an ideal temperature. Picture this, when surfers go for an early morning surf, the wetsuits help prevent them from getting uncomfortably cold.

Doing all the creative and technical work herself:

Yes I have been doing all the work myself, sewing, designing and pattern making however I will be going into manufacturing very soon so I can start to sell online.

The effort required in constructing one garment from scratch to finish:

After the design stage, I create a pattern with measurements. Afterwards I trace them onto the fabric and proceed to sewing. It doesn’t take that long for me to construct a whole swimsuit.

What else her label is currently doing aside from swimwear:

Currently I have introduced a few kimonos and capes however down the line I will be doing a completely different style. I will be designing and creating evening and formal wear.

How she juggles the label with studying and life in general?

Well pattern-making is part of one of many assessments I get so that fits well within my time limit. I do like to socialise a lot but Barcode comes first these days.

What her parents think of her achievements so far:

Well my parents aren’t kept up to date as such but I know they are proud of me.

What the future for Barcode by Gabrielle looks like?

I’ve always dreamt about moving down to Melbourne. I might open a boutique for Barcode in a few years time located there. This year I am focusing on selling online domestically and in small boutiques too.

Fast 5

Cats or Dogs?

Definitely cats. I am a massive cat fan.

Winter or Summer?

Depends! I love winter for the fashion and snow and summer for the tans and beach.

Would you rather watch the movie or read the book?

Watch a movie!

Three people dead or alive who inspire you and would have over for dinner?

Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, Nelson Mandela and Valentino.

Three things you couldn’t live without right now?

Love, happiness and peace.

Contact and see more of Gabrielle, on her website, Facebook and Instagram.

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