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| June 18, 2014

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Words By Danny Saba

A trippin’ new single, a trippin’ new tour and too much mojo for a Brisbane band’s own good, Ball Park Music takes us to an entirely new dimension.

Ok yeah, so they’re taking the piss! But, I love the satirical undertone interwoven into the indie-pop rockers new vibe. I had a virtual chat with lead singer Sam Cromack to shed more light on this extraordinary step forward in live performances.

MM: Firstly, I’ll just start by saying THANKYOU so much for making “Trippin’ The Light Fantastic” the next single, it was one of my instant standouts from Puddinghead! Why did BPM choose it as the second single?

It was actually the first song we had in mind for a single. We began working on it fairly early on in the sessions for Puddinghead and it always struck us as a single. It always just gave us this special feeling. It’s kinda brain-dead in a way and I think that’s what makes it so enjoyable. We tried to give it some sophistication in the production and I like how the lyrics are a bit of a piss-take on a night out. I think it’s a straightforward song but it’s a bit odd. Simple and weird is always a healthy mix for a single.

I get the impression “Trippin’ The Light Fantastic” was written after a massive night out? If so, I’d love to hear about it … otherwise what are the lyrics based off?

I truly wanted to write a happy song. When I try to do this, however, I often can’t take it seriously. I ended up presenting all these scattered images I had that were related to staying positive, going out, having a good time etc. My girlfriend’s 91-year-old Nan was the one who introduced me to the phrase ‘tripping the light fantastic’, and it was too good to not use. I was also intrigued by some friends telling me that a lot of young women will buy a dress, wear it out for the night, leave on the price tag, and then return it the next day. Terrible.

Tell us a little bit more about this new dimension for the Trippin’ The Light Fantastic tour?

Again, total piss takes. I love the bravado that companies will throw behind a new product and we’ve always enjoyed how ridiculous advertising can be. I remember when Jay Z and U2 did the 360 degree tour which allowed fans to see the bands from all angles. That’s when we thought, ‘Let’s do a 180 degree tour, and fans can just see us from the one spot – as per usual’. So this time around we’re cashing in on 3D. We’re currently developing some glasses for the shows, which will allow fans to see a performance that is so realistic they won’t know the difference!

What’s the inspiration behind the video, especially Sam’s dancing and the inclusion of and the sign-language lady?

My dancing has always attracted a few giggles at our shows so we thought we’d exploit it for a full three and a half minutes in a video. The concept of the sign language interpreter just came to me. It was divine I guess.


Source: Facebook

Will we see Sam’s dancing at the tour?


Actually, can Sam just start offering dance classes instead?

I have a fair amount of free time at the moment, so that might be a nice way to add a little extra dosh to my income. I’ll look into it and see what I can develop. I don’t think the classes could be ongoing though. I don’t have enough material. Maybe one masterclass would do the trick.

On another note, we recently found out that Puddinghead started out as a song … why did BPM change it to an album?

While we worked on the song we all fell in love with the name. We felt it would be a great album name and it began to stick. Unfortunately, we felt the song itself wasn’t quite right for the record and we ended up leaving it out. It’s now been released as a b-side to “Trippin’ The Light Fantastic”.

Also, I must ask … who came up with the ‘icon-in-the-making’ owl headed creature for the Puddinghead album? And what does it represent?

That was all a happy accident. I did the artwork for the record myself. I’ve always loved making collages using old children’s encyclopaedias. When colour printing became more common in these types of books, say from the late 70s through to early 90s, the illustrations were amazing! I’ve collected heaps of good images over the years and I just piece them together as I go. It was a total fluke that the stuff I was working on featured creatures with different heads and that it all tied in with the album name etc. I’m glad you find the image iconic!

Now that your mojo’s well and truly back … what can we expect from BPM in the future?

We’re working on a few things at the moment. This year is going to involve a lot of shows. Last year was devoted to recording, so the focus has definitely switched back to performing this year. We’ve got plans to go back overseas at the end of the year. We’re also starting to have a think about how me might release music in the future. I think we’re becoming more interested in innovative ways to release music and we’re accepting that the album format is, sadly, a little tired.

If you haven’t already, trip out to the vid below!

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