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| June 27, 2014

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Words By Michelle Cha

DAMIEN Mountain Woods is a Brisbane-based photographic artist, working with film and print. His love for art and architecture developed at an early age, and his affinity for technology soon followed. His photographic film work is stripped down revealing rawness and beauty. His early career was shooting weddings, portraits, and event work from 2005 to 2013. During this time he found a love for capturing landscapes. After many years in commercial photography, Damien decided to switch to a more personal and intimate approach to his work. A 35mm film is his weapon of choice.

Sea The Mountains is Damien’s new artistic venture, aiming to sell his inspiring artwork and showcase his collection of images. The colour film photography is raw, saturated, and classic. Some of the images is reminiscent of vintage photography. Light and shadows is a significant part of Damien’s work, and the overall impact. The shadows and light used in his sky imagery create an ethereal and heavenly effect; while his black and white are ominous. Sometimes you forget that all the images are captured in Brisbane. The mundane become sources of incredible inspiration, and the everyday objects we see such as the Story Bridge are mystifying. Damien uses space to create an element of mystery and intrigue. Damien uses an old camera to achieve his desired effect, and his love for minimalist abstract shines through his work.

Storey Bridge

Damien loves all things hand-made and prints can be purchased through Sea The Mountains. He prints all his artwork on A3 paper, Damien explains:
“The decision to print on standard paper allows me to share my love and passion for film photography. Keeping all of the costs to a minimum. I really don’t feel inclined to charge a lot for my work”.

Stay tuned for news of Damien’s upcoming exhibition in Brisbane.

Click here for more on Sea The Mountains. Contact Damien via Facebook.

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