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| June 25, 2014

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Who is Shady Bliss?

Shady Bliss is the musical love child of four great friends from Brisbane – Morgan, Chrissa, Ari and Lewis. We just love hanging out and playing tunes in Morgan’s garage. Coupled with a mutual appreciation for bevvies and reverberating good times, it was apparent that all of our brains were on the same wavelength.

How would you define your musical melodies to those who haven’t had the pleasure of hearing them?

Our sound is what you’d imagine the soundtrack to your dreams would be like… There are psychedelic upsurges, dreamy interludes and some dark, heavy drops. It’s fuzzy and unstable, yet you still want to take it home to bed. You think you could be the one who finally tames it, but you wouldn’t want to.

Where does Shady Bliss draw their inspiration from?

A lot of our music is about the nature of the human mind, and we call upon our own experiences (and ‘experiments’) to explore its different avenues. Dreams come into the equation a lot because they’re a subconscious reflection of our thoughts and, just like dreams, our thoughts can transform from dark to light and visa versa.
Our latest material is littered with underlying messages. We write of a boy who questions the truths that surround him, and learns to think for himself in a world that wants him to be everyone else. What a dude.

Why do you guys create… burning passion, fame aspirations or just to escape reality?

We just really enjoy making our music, playing with friends, playing for friends, and making new friends along the way. We’re such a friendly band! More than it being an escape for us, we like the idea of it being a way for our audiences to escape reality and enter into the realm of Shady Bliss.
We also love creating dirty, heavy mounds of music because we can all just lose it on stage. To feel the stage lights cook the sweat on your brow while you’re just blissing out is fantastic. 10/10 would recommend.


Source: Supplied

How does the magic happen – creative process or candid creativity?

It being a love child, there are certain things about our music that we can’t share in this interview… But really, it’s a bit of both. One of us usually comes along with a song idea and might have a good impression of what they want it to sound like, and sometimes we’ll jam it out and see what works.

Do you guys ever get on each other’s nerves? If so, what’s their most annoying habit?

Oh man, where do we even start? Chrissa can’t drive and is always demanding lifts everywhere, Ari has the annoying habit of out-bearding everyone, Lewis is really organised (and really annoying), and Morgan always melts our faces.

Plans for 2014 … I hear there’s a big gig coming up in July?

Yes! We’re very excited to be a part of the lineup for Kaeidoscope Festival at the New Globe Theatre on the 26th of July. We get to play alongside LeSuits, The Royal Artillery, Big Dead, BREVE, Baskervillain, Salvadarlings, Mega Ogre, Boss Moxi, WAAX, Malo Zima, Faux Bandit, Cassette Cathedral, and Ümbra. As for our 2014 plans, we hope to get working on our next EP and share that with our fans as soon as possible… We also anticipate more bevvies and good times.

So we can stay in the loop, what’s your dot com(s)?

You can find us on Facebook and check out our Soundcloud

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