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| July 5, 2014

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Words by Khwezi Nkwanyana

IT is refreshing to speak to someone who isn’t afraid to tell it how it is; whether it be how painful and annoying waxing is, or simply acknowledging, “dickheads are everywhere”. Jenny Talia is back in Australia to tour her latest F.O.C.U.S (Fuck Off ‘Cause You’re Stupid) album. And believe me; it is guaranteed to have you laughing from start to end. Moustache Magazine got the chance to speak to the music comedienne about her upcoming tour and her life in music.

MM: HELLO! Thank you for your time today. You must be tired after finishing up your British leg of the tour last year. How was it over there?
JT: IT was great! I really enjoyed myself over there; I’m well rested now. The British are a different audience to Australians. In the UK, my shows where in theatres, so I had a crowd that are a little more reserved than here in Australia. Here, I perform in a lot in pubs, so the crowd is drunk, and honest, which I think is fantastic. Australians don’t fuck around the bush. They are completely upfront, so if your song is not funny, they wont bother politely laughing. I like to try all my new material in Australia first – I use the audience as my personal guinea pigs – because I know if they find it funny, then it actually is.

I am curious, how did you become a musical comedienne?
I have always been interested in music. My father is Kevin Bloody Wilson – a popular Australian comedy musician – and from a very early age I was always exposed to music; I grew up playing the guitar and singing. It was a very cool household to grow up in! When I finished school, I was always playing music and got a gig playing my guitar – I have never had an average job. Whilst living in Nashville, Tennessee, I released four country albums, everyone noticed my Australian accent and wanted me to perform more Australian material. Unlike what most people believe, the US is exposed to a lot of authentic Australian humor and they enjoy it thoroughly. So I decided to release a more humorous album and it took off from there.

Your music is non-apologetic and honest, how do the audience react to it and has it ever caused you any problems?
Not really. My audience tends to appreciate my material. I am sure that there are many people who disagree with what I am saying, and disapprove of the way I deliver my material; however, they are never watch me in concert so I rarely have to deal with them whilst I perform. I do have a relaxed attitude to political correctness though. I think there is a clear difference between taking the piss out of something or someone and intending to be racist, homophobic or misogynistic; I thinking comedy is about bringing funny and stupid things to light, not insulting people.

I agree with you. Is there anyone who has inspired your music and style?
I draw inspiration from artist and comedians such as Wanda Sykes and my dad. However, when it comes to material, that is just life. I am a wife, a mother, and the world is full of dickheads so I am never short of inspiration.

Have your children ever watched you perform?
Haha! They are not allowed. They are under 18 years old and my material is not suitable for anyone who is not an adult. I remember my niece telling me she saw my YouTube clip of mine, and I immediately told her she “had to tell her mother”. I swear in my shows and talk about all sorts of adult based subjects that would be inappropriate for my children to hear. When they become 18 then that’s a different story, but till then they enjoy playing with my make-up and are proud of my success.

Oh my gosh! Did your niece see that 50 Shades music video? I was not expecting that dildo to come out in the end.
It is funny because when performing that song, I sometimes have a monitor playing the music video behind me, and I know exactly when that dildo scene appears. When the dildo pops up, people burst out into laughter and some spit out their drink in shock; it is the best thing to view.

I wish I could see the audience’s reaction. 50 Shades is my favorite song from your album. Do you have a personal favorite you listen to on repeat?
It has to be F.O.C.U.S , which means “fuck off cause you’re stupid” and I find myself singing it in my head whenever I come across a dickhead. It is perfect because it is stress-relieving song when people are pissing you off. Also, not many people know what it means so it is great advice you can give to people when they are rubbing you the wrong way: “Hey John, you just need to focus, mate.”

I AM SO USING THAT! I know you have a Christmas album in the works and I have to know what to expect. Anymore dildo shots?
I have this video series that I have been doing for a while called Fuck It Friday. Basically, I take popular or classic songs and I take the piss out of them: for example, I did Miley Cyrus’s Wrecking Ball as one. I plan to do some of the same stuff with the Christmas album and have fuck around with Christmas carols. In this tour, I am going to try out some of the material I have written for the Christmas album and see if the resonates well with the audience.

I can’t wait to hear the Christmas album. Thanks for your time with me today.

Thank you!

You can catch, and purchase tickets to, Jenny performing live in the follow venues:

Friday 13th June 2014 | 8pm
St Mary’s Band Club, OXLEY PARK NSW
411 Great Western Highway, Oxley Park (02) 9623 1211

Saturday 14th June 2014 | 8pm
19 Murna Road, Davistown
(02) 4363 0199

Friday 20th June 2014 | 7pm
Fly By Night Musicians Club, FREMANTLE WA
1 Holdsworth Street, Fremantle WA (08) 9430 5976

Saturday 21st June 2014 | 8pm
Club Hotel Collie, COLLIE WA
138 Forrest Street, Collie
(08) 9734 1722

Saturday 28th June 2014 | 8pm
Kalgoorlie Hotel, KALGOORLIE WA
Cnr Hannan & Wilson Street, Kalgoorlie (08) 9021 3046

Friday 4th July 2014 | 8pm
Clovercrest Hotel, MODBURY NORTH SA
450 Montague Road, Modbury North
(08) 8264 5266

Saturday 30th August 2014 | 8.30pm
Kallangur Tavern, KALLANGUR QLD
1517 Anzac Ave, Kallangur
(07) 5557 9002

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