Jackson Row Loves Photography And His Moustache

| July 11, 2014
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Words by Michelle Cha

JACKSON Row is a Brisbane based photographer who turns his ordinary surroundings to the wonderful. At 21 years old, Jackson has been pursuing the creative arts for six years, focusing on photography. His personal mantra “I believe photography shouldn’t be about staging a shot but capturing life as it comes” is reflected in his work. He also sports a killer moustache, and Moustache Magazine recognises talent and a good mo when we see one. Jackson launched his website in June this year and his portfolio is a mix of intimate portraits, landscapes, event photography, and a photo journal.

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His work is well composed, uses a great mix of colours, and has an intimate rawness about them. It is almost as if each photo reveals a little bit about who and what Jackson is about. I love his collection of portraits and landscapes.

The portrait pieces are simple, mysterious, and minimalistic. There’s nothing abstract or absurd about them; what’s in the frame is an honest view of the subject. Jackson wholeheartedly stands by his mantra of capturing life’s moments. He cleverly takes a moment that reveals a little something about the person, yet leaves you wanting to know more behind the image.

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The landscape photography is beautifully composed and long exposure is frequently used to draw light to where it is dark. As a Brisbane based photographer, Jackson captures his surroundings with great angles and interesting composition. His shots of Toowoomba are my personal favourites. Jackson transforms a rather ordinary landscape to a magnification of interesting details.

While his career as a photographer is in its infancy, his photographic skills have the potential to grow. From a look at his portfolio it is easy to see Jackson has the talent behind the lens to create interesting and beautiful photographs, especially his portrait work. Jackson cleverly captures details that deserve attention and this is the striking thing about this collection.

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To see more of Jackson’s photographic work visit his website.

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