Nano Kato: Taking One For The Introverts

| July 1, 2014

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Words by Michelle Cha

NANO KATO is a photographic artist to watch and at 21 years old his works express maturity behind the lens. Based in Brisbane, he studied for two years doing a Bachelor of Photography at Queensland College of Art, Griffith University. Nano’s work was featured in two exhibitions in 2013, and he photographed the Citycycle campaign in Brisbane.

His two projects, Solitude and Makeshift are beautiful and ingenious concepts that let the viewer explore his personality and vision. Each project has a unique concept that ranges from emotional to quirky. My favourite would have to be Solitude. Nano explains more:

“I’ve found my time abroad is in limbo, a time of perpetual transience. As an introverted being, loneliness is a recurring theme in my work. Though I was seldom alone, I found myself in a state of solitude. This project aims to exemplify notions of seclusion, solitariness, and a sense of peace and dissonance; the sum of my sentiments as I travelled and photographed in Peru”.

As a classic introvert myself, I really resonated with these images. The quality and depth of these photographs are simply beautiful and mesmerising. The use of vast space creates a feeling of peace yet isolation. The use of contrasting colours such as, majestic blue to muted greys move you from awe to eeriness.

Nano’s project Makeshift is a bit eccentric, he explores the concept of shared living and the chaos of people in homes. Although not as striking as Solitude, Nano still manages to cleverly capture mundanity through focusing on kooky and overlooked details that make a house into a home.

Nano is a rising photographic artist; not only are his photographic skills well beyond his young age, the concepts are interesting and well executed. He also dabbles in photo manipulation art, portraits, landscape, and travel photography. I would love to see what’s in the future for this super talented, introverted soul.

For more on Nano’s work visit his website.

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