Wild Swans Can’t Fly Free In China: A Book Review

| July 9, 2014

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Words by Matt Huxley

RARELY does a book come along that has such a profound on society as a whole, encompassing not only the literature world, but history itself. Wild Swans by Jung Chang is one such book. The story of her family history through her mother and grandmother as well as her own journey. Her parents were eventually denounced for speaking out against Mao and they were forced to leave China. To this day the book is banned in mainland China.

The book is truly an epic tale. Jung herself was a Red Guard, her parents were members of the communist elite before their denouncement and her grandmother was the concubine of a warlord. It’s truly a whirlwind of history. A gripping window on what it truly was and is like as a female in China. Detailing public humiliation, foot binding, the madness of the Mao administration, the issues with Manchuria, all set against the truly epic history of China, a country so rich in history that Australian’s can’t even imagine it.

Wild Swans is the highest grossing non fiction paperback in publishing history, selling over 10 million copies and being translated into over 30 languages. It’s impossible to exaggerate the importance of this book. It packs an emotional punch, with great suffering described, as well as great courage and bravery.

It’s truly impossible to summarise a plot that goes over 676 pages, all I can say is, it’s bloody worth it. If you don’t read this book, you haven’t lived.

MM: 10/10

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