Five Truly Sadistic Torture Methods

| August 28, 2014

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Words By Dominic Cansdale

HUMANITY is really good at doing lots of things. We’ve built pyramids, invented electricity and created porn. All equally grand discoveries. However one talent our species has collectively nurtured reigns supreme – the ability to inflict unimaginable pain on each other. So here’s a list of torture methods you may not have heard off. Enjoy.

The German Chair

A torture method taken from medieval Europe, the German chair involves fastening a person to a metal chair that reclines 180 degrees. As the chair slowly descends backwards, immense stress is inflicted on the joints, back, legs and arms to the extent that catastrophic spinal damage could be considered the best case scenario. It’s sort of like the well known ‘rack’ except with this device, water can be forcibly poured down the victims mouth, putting further strain on the stretched abdomen and resulting in torn muscles and skin. On a side note, unconfirmed reports indicate that the German chair has made something of a resurgence in Syria’s civil war.

White Torture


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In this modern age of ‘human rights’ and the Geneva Convention, traditional torture methods are generally frowned upon. This has pushed governments to devise new techniques that don’t physically hurt someone so much as they send them bat shit insane. One such technique is the white room. Reportedly used by the Iranian government, the white torture involves placing a person in a completely quiet white room. The aim of the game is sensory deprivation and isolation. Journalist Amir Abbas Fakhravar was the first person known to have experienced this torture method in Iran. He was placed in a white, windowless room where he wasn’t allowed to talk, even to the guards who wore specifically designed footwear that muffled the sound of walking. When Amir ate, it was only ever white rice on a white plate. Disturbingly enough, Ebrahim Nabavi who was another journalist tortured in a white room, stated after his release that he never felt free even after receiving medical treatment.



Otherwise known as ‘being skinned alive’, flaying is about as bad as it gets. There are different methods to this particularly gruesome form of torture. One involves simply grabbing a sharp knife and picking a body part while another involves burning the victim’s skin and pulling it from the muscle. For the fans of Masterchef, there’s always the option of boiling the victim alive and (yet again) just pulling away at the skin. That prick Ramsay Snow/Bolton from Game of Thrones digs flaying. You could say he’s a fanatical flayer…

The Cramped Box


Imagine having your angles and hands shackled together and placed in a box too small to stand up in and too narrow to sit down. Then imagine that you’re just left there for days on end. The cramped box (which is just one name for it) is a form of stress torture and is designed to slowly break a person both physically and mentally over long periods of time. It’s sadistic in its complete simplicity

Nyan Cat

Just try listening to this stupid ass song in its entirety. I dare you. Chances are the US used it in Guantanamo Bay.

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