Instagram Accounts We Can’t Believe You Aren’t Following: The Healthy

| August 19, 2014

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Words by Natasha Norford

EVERYONE loves Instagram. Yes, you. You know you do. We can’t believe you aren’t following this small slew of health-crazed accounts.


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Queen of breakfast fare and all things banana flavoured, 21-year-old Pixie hails from London. Despite rumours of it being a rather rainy locale, this nutrition student is only ever full of colour and fruity goodness. Sugar, gluten and dairy-free may sound like commitment until you look over her feed, nothing but deliciousness for miles.


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Melbourne native Amy is busy tidying up a degree in law, with a late night penchant for baking up a storm. Expect to see a whole lot of vegetable… Pumpkin curries, avocado toast and chickpea tagine’s are Amy’s specialty.


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The woman makes veganism sexy. Nothing but sungazing juice, piles of sushi and coconut crazy concoctions. Twenty-something fashion photographer and designer, Loni Jane has a booming following, committed lifestyle approach and an athletic aesthetic to compete with.


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A plant-powered wanderer who whips up homemade chocolate, raw cheesecake and coconut French toast on a whim. Only 16, Molly manages to run her fashion blog and photography dreams when she’s not brewing up something sensational in the kitchen.


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Sun-fresh fruitiness at every turn, Rachel is an organic with a passion for market hauls, long walks and seaside views. Pink dranks and mango parfaits are involved.

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