The Larwill Studio Cares About Unleashing Your Inner Artist

| August 18, 2014

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Words by Michelle Cha

THE late David Larwill was one of Australia’s most gifted and philanthropic artists; his creativity and flair bounced off the canvas and wrapped you in his world of colour and joy. The Art Series Hotel Group, who have an impressive list of art boutique hotels in Melbourne such as The Blackman and The Olsen, have added The Larwill Studio in Parkville, Melbourne. The impressive new hotel will open its doors on the 8th of September and will include features for those that are looking to immerse themselves in Australian art history and unwind in artistic fashion.

Larwill conceptualised the famous Roar Studios in the trendy suburb of Fitzroy with fellow artist Mark Schaller. The work of Larwill is distinctly expressionist and inspired by the spontaneity of life. His paintings often featured numerous figures instead of one and the colours and shapes often evoked a myriad of emotions in the viewer. Larwill composed much of his paintings about familiar themes such as family, friends, street life, the beach, parties, love, and homages to his passion for Indigenous art.

For those looking to experience Melbourne’s art culture and learn the rich history of Larwill, The Larwill Studio will feature original and giclee prints from the artist himself and urge visitors to unleash their inner artist by providing sketchpads and utensils. This is beyond amazing to see a hotel thinking beyond the customers basic needs of accommodation to opening up channels for self-discovery through art. The Larwill Studio’s is about providing a place of contemplation, creation, and positive thinking, ensuring those who stay are always welcome to express creativity.



Of course to fuel the creative mind the body must also be at its best. The hotel have that in mind and have a dedicated yoga channel available in your room and yoga mats are free of charge. You never know, you could think of an amazing idea for a painting while practising the lotus pose.

The interior of the rooms is so playful and creative. Nowhere in a Melbourne hotel will you find pillowcases with the sassy quote:

“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken”.

Rooms include a private collection of art books if you want to go deeper into what has inspired the furnishings of your surroundings.

The opening rate is $155 per night, which is an amazing price on the experience you will receive. Most CBD hotels in Melbourne only care about getting you in and out and couldn’t care less about your wellbeing or nurturing your creativity which is just rude!

For more information on The Larwill Studio or to book a room visit the website.

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