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| August 1, 2014



Words by Jo McTavish

IN the month of May Christopher Nolan treated us to the first trailer for his tight lipped film, Interstellar and the end result was incredible. During Comic Con this year, there were many reveals from Marvel and DC but in between many other figures released their latest and among them was the great “Nolan’, who once again presented another look into his deep space story Interstellar, which will leave you breathless.

Christopher Nolan, the man behind such great films, The Dark Knight Trilogy (2005 – 2012), Inception (2010) and The Prestige (2006) is gearing up for his latest masterpiece, which could well be the best film for 2014. He is always known for  privacy around his films, which is a great attribute these days, especially when we hear news from other a year or two years prior, so when he does give in, you know it is going to blow you away. Today is no different with the release of the latest trailer for Interstellar, which left me in small tears, all because of the pure dedication and brilliance this man ads to the cinematic world.

In the latest trailer “Nolan’ gives us a further insight into his all star cast, a deeper look into space, the emotional effects on McConaughey ‘s’ family when he leaves and the mysterious premise that we still do not know. Just like the first this trailer this looks amazing, has great visuals and carries  a beautiful score  by ‘Nolan’ regular Hans Zimmer. There is a simular tone like film  legends Stanley Kubrik and Stephen Spielberg, but Nolan has still managed to inject his own, and this will no doubt leave everyone speechless when it is released.

Joining Matthew McConaughey on his journey Interstellar voyage, is Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Michael Caine, Casey Affleck, Matt Damon, Ellen Burstyn, Topher Grace and John Lithgow. You can find our what  transcends time and space with Interstellar when its released in Australia on the 6th November and 7th in the US.

Watch the new trailer below:

Official Poster:


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