5 Minutes With Ashleigh From The Blonde Silhouette

| September 25, 2014

All images: Erin Smith Photography

Words by Matt Huxley

UNASHAMEDLY feminine, definitely blonde, and with a wit and modesty that escapes some female bloggers, Ashleigh McCallum is the creative behind Brisbane-based fashion blog, The Blonde Silhouette. This babe first hit my radar about 10 months ago, and since then she has been firmly in place on my blog bookmarks tab. Managing to create content that never bores and never feels contrived, I simply had to have 5 Minutes With Ashleigh. You’re welcome. 

MM: Darling it’s about time I got 5 minutes with you!

Agreed! Chai tea in hand and I am ready for some serious chatter!

Tell us about The Blonde Silhouette, how did it start?

It all began with a mega girl crush on style icon Carrie Bradshaw, an uncapped credit card and a serious addiction to pretty, sparkly and expensive things! Along with a love of shopping, I’m a super creative person who loves to dress up and document a fabulous outfit. What started as a little visual diary into the life of a girl with extravagant taste has become a platform for educating girls with an interest in style, a marketing portal to connect brands with consumers and a little creative relief from my busy corporate lifestyle.


You’re one of the most popular Brisbane bloggers, how does that make you feel?

As though I’ve been asked to sit at the plastics table! There’s some tough competition in the Brisbane bloggersphere and to be recognised is very flattering!

Now you’ve been working quite closely with DFO lately, what have you been doing with them?

You know your doing something right when DFO is chasing you! From April – June I was appointed a Blogger Ambassador Program with both DFO Jindalee and Brisbane, to complete monthly style challenges in the center and write about my shopping experiences. It was such a fantastic opportunity allowing me to expand upon my skills as a stylist and to see my work published via Style Magazines. You can still spot me shopping up a storm in both centers from time to time.


What would you say to anyone looking to start a blog?

Be bold, creative and authentic! Post frequently and consistently and never underestimate the effects of bad grammar and poor sentence structure.

Now we were lucky enough to FINALLY meet at MBFFB, what was your favourite show from the week?

Such a difficult question- it’s like the Sophie’s choice of the fashion world! I was so lucky to work for the festival this year and experience the behind the scenes of Brisbane’s premier fashion event. There were so many incredible moments on that runway, from the innovative energy of the Emerging Designer Group Show to the stunning bridal display in the Monili Jewellers Bridal Group Show. If I had to choose, I would say the Myer Spring Summer 15 Show was definitely nothing short of spectacular! Especially with the added eye candy of international supermodel Kris Smith, did I mention he brushed right past me? Cue fan girl moment!

Your whole style is very girly and feminine, have you ever been tempted to do something really edgy to shake it up?

I feel it’s the way that I’m programmed, I’m just naturally drawn to exceptionally girly colour palettes and classic feminine cuts. I was always that little girl who wanted to wear her party dress to the shops and to this day I feel so fabulous in a dress and heels. I have added a few edgier staples to my wardrobe this year, leather leggings, Wittner croc leather booties and some edgy statement jewellery from House of Bourgeois. But I have to ask…do I have the “cool factor” to pull of super edgy? I’m still not sure!


I’m about to ask a tough one. What’s your fave tim tam flavour?

Definitely original! The only thing better than the original Tim Tam flavor would be if Arnott’s released a Cherry Ripe edition. The way I see it, life’s more delicious with a cherry on top!

How did your recent Flocksy collaboration come about?

The lovely Mekelle from Flocksy, a new and exciting lifestyle brand, originally came to me with this collaborative idea, involving a rich oriental influence in the newest product range. Once I saw the beautiful feminine nature and luxurious quality of the silk scarves Flocksy had to offer, I was definitely on board!

How do you constantly find new places to shoot around Brisbane? Personally I’ve never really thought of Brisbane as being a “blogger’s paradise”

Certainly an important element to consider when planning an outfit post! My photographer, Erin Smith Photography and I find that  a lot of our location spotting occurs with routine activities. For a while we kept finding the most incredible red painted walls together, we simply couldn’t walk past without taking a quick snap! Brisbane certainly has some beautiful infrastructure and rich historical architecture; sometimes it’s worth just exploring! Not to mention beauty can be found in the most obscure places, a deserted alley, a dilapidated shed, a striking mural in the suburbs of West End, you always have to keep an eye out!


Ok it’s time for our rapid fire series… are you ready?

Moustache’s: yes or no?

I know I’m breaking every hipster’s heart right now, but mo-mo’s are a no-no for me.

Favourite publication? Besides your’s truly of course!

Aside from Moustache Magazine, you’ll see me catching up on the latest edition of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Shop Til You Drop and the occasional gossip magazine!

Most versatile piece in your wardrobe?

A pair of strappy black stiletto’s! Either teamed with an lbd or as a means of dressing up denim, nothing says instant chic like this versatile staple.

Proudest achievement to date?

I’ve had a few “pinch me” moments for which I’m particularly proud. For this year, I’m proud of achieving my Blogger Ambassador title with DFO and completing my Masters Degree in Business. Here’s hoping my future is stylish and…intellectual?

Thanks so much for your time Ashleigh!

My pleasure!


Check out Ashleigh online here:




Twitter: @TBSilhoeutte

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