Finding Creativity Anywhere: Domenic Bahmann

| September 22, 2014

Source: Domenic Bahmann

Words by Michelle Cha

DOMENIC Bahmann is a Canberra based artist who creates awesome conceptual art from accessible and sometimes mundane objects. His creations are so simple but are powerful in its imagery and message. The repertoire of his art extends to his professional career having created visual content for websites, apps, magazines, and campaigns. The way he transforms spaghetti and an army man into six foot waves being ridden by a pro surfer is just too funny and ingenious. I was delighted to get a chance to interview him and ask some of my burning questions.

MM: Your work is so simple but powerful at the same time, what lead you to play with ordinary objects and transform them to wondrous creations?

I found quite a lot of inspiration from around the world. With so many platforms of communications online, like web browsing, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, it’s so easy to share your passions with fellow artists and anyone else that has a passion for art. Two or three years ago I was active on Flickr. I was discovering so many different artists, several American designers I came across and we kind of had a “competition” to see where our creativity could take us. Actually, Brock Davis created a project called Make Something Cool Every day and this spurred a drive to start being more creative with my work. The cool thing I found was that all these artists were at the same point in their lives as I was. As a graphic artist at the time I was never really able to illustrate anymore, so I started to make things after work.


Source: Domenic Bahmann

Were there any items you tried to incorporate but just couldn’t?

I really like to explore new objects and subjects all the time. Every day I aim to make something new; I think that’s what keeps it interesting. So it’s not that I couldn’t work with a certain object, it’s just that I haven’t tried yet!

In one of your pieces like Climate Change I love how you use Styrofoam as an iceberg. Are there any particular themes or issues you are passionate about that you try to incorporate into your work?

I try not to emphasise too much on the heavy issues, but I do like to highlight social and political issues like climate change, but let the viewer formulate their own opinions. I like to think my art is a facilitator for conversation.

What would you say is the biggest challenge in regards to your work?

The biggest challenge is creating something new and to inspire other people. Not to be cliché and convincing companies to be more interesting and appreciative of art as a medium of communication.


Source: Domenic Bahmann

Your cultural mash ups are hilarious does the ideas come naturally to you or do you take days to find new and witty ways to present ideas?

It’s different every time. Sometimes it’s so spontaneous or it takes a bit of thinking and brainstorming. I get a bit compulsive and my wife gets annoyed sometimes *laughs*. At times I keep thinking about an idea or an illustration and how I can realise it. Everyone can do what I do. This kind of art is achievable, everyone can be an artist. I see myself as a person that puts out messages.

Are there particular programs or software that are your favourites to use?

I like to use editing programs. Photoshop and Illustrator are a must. The camera I use is Pentax K5 and sometimes Canon 5D.

Who are your creative inspirations?

Chema Madoz, Stefan Sagmeister, Brock Davis, David Schwen, Tristan Graham and many more.

Tell me what is the typical working day for you?

I get up have an espresso or go for a run. Go and work as an Art Director at a marketing company. Then I’ll come home and look after my family, and if I can, squeeze a creative project.

Do you have any creative projects you are working on right now?

There are a few, 10 things I have spontaneously jotted down on a list. Just a matter of realising them *laughs*.


Source: Domenic Bahmann

Thank you for your time Domenic!

Thank you, was great chatting with you.

You can follow him on Instagram (@domfriday) or visit his website.

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