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| September 17, 2014

Source: Jay Riggio

MM: WHO are you?

My name is Jay Riggio. I’m an artist from New York who lives and works in Brooklyn. I make handcut paper collages with a scissor, a blade and glue… the old-fashioned way.

WHAT is your work about?

I think my work is about notions that aren’t clearly defined. Like a fleeting thought that we can’t seem to remember, a feeling that doesn’t have the right words, or dreams that are far too blurry to describe to a friend. But then again, my work is about different things to different people, which I like.


Source: Jay Riggio

WHEN did you realise you were in tune with the right side of your brain?

When I was a boy, before going to sleep at night I used to see pictures in the grain of the wooden walls of my bedroom. I saw lots of noses, faces and a hand holding a razor blade.

WHERE do you draw inspiration?

I’m inspired by the seasons, my own confusions about life, death and the futile pursuit of the American Dream.


Source: Jay Riggio

WHY do you create?

I create, mostly to make sense of my own thoughts and feelings. It’s a way to externalize the ideas that were once trapped inside my head. Though, I don’t think I ever actually make sense of my thoughts, I do like creating a world that’s outside of who I am, but still very much a part of me.


Source: Jay Riggio

HOW does the magic happen? What is your creative process?

I obsessively collect books and magazines with images I may or may not use. Anything I can find for cheap at thrift stores and stoop sales for is what I go after. With my morning coffee, I flip through books and tear out pages I’d like to use. Before I start a piece, I’ll have the name for it floating around inside me head. From there, it’s hours of cutting, piecing together and deliberating on placements. I like to drink coffee and listen to music while I work. I never know exactly what a piece will look like from start to finish. Walking away from a piece is usually the hardest part for me.

ANY plans for the rest of 2014?

Right now I’m preparing for a 3-person show at Space Gallery in Pomona, California, opening December 12th.


Source: Jay Riggio

WHERE can our readers find more of your work?

You can see more of my work at my site and on Instagram at @jayriggioart

THANKS for your time, Jay!

Thank you guys. Appreciate it you doing the interview with me.

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