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| September 13, 2014


Words by Ryan Grice

WHY you should move to Japan reason #156, Size does matter, Crazy South Korea, and DINOSAURS!

Japan have taken the cake again with what is probably the most important news of the week: Burger King Japan have announced the release of two new limited edition black burgers. Dubbed the ‘Kuro Pearl’ and the ‘Kuro Diamond’, there seems to be no occasion for the burgers’ release though the company’s social media wizards did offer the pun “2 good to be true”. The cheese is blended with bamboo charcoal to provide it with its unique colour (and apparently flavour), while the bun incorporates both bamboo charcoal and squid ink. The burgers will be available country-wide from September 19th. If you’re as keen as this man, Jetstar have cheap flights to Osaka until the end of October.


Digital storage specialists SanDisk have just announced their new creation: a 512GB SD card. The launch marks the ten year anniversary since the company releasing their first 512MB SD card. While this is a truly incredible feat, and experts believe that with this advance terabyte cards won’t be too far away, it seems the only logical demographic for storage of this magnitude and physical size is those wishing to record 4K, though most cameras capable of recording in this format are not able to write the files to an SD card anyway. And with a declared retail price of £490, or roughly AU$880, the likelihood of these little guys jumping of the shelves doesn’t seem high. Unless you feel the need to compensate.


Though they often seem to pale in comparison to their Northern neighbours when it comes to extremes, one thing is for sure: South Korea don’t fuck around. We know they love their Soju (if you have never consumed this beverage you’re doing it wrong, life, that is) but apparently cigarettes are high on the scale of desire for the country’s residents and high on the governments list of vices to reform. The parliament’s new proposal is to raise the prices from 2500won to 4500won (AU$2.67 to AU$4.81) and is obviously being met with large scale opposition both in and out of the government. How about a few fun facts? Cigarettes sold in South Korea have no health warning labels whatsoever. Cigarette advertising is legal. South Korea’s national smoking rate is at 23%, with 41% of males being smokers. Amazing. Also, if the bill is passed, the government is set to make just under AU$30b.


It has almost been a dinosaur discovery a week recently and who would argue if this luck continued? This week a private collector brings you newly extracted fossils and evidence of prehistory’s largest known carnivore, the Spinosaurus, direct from the Sahara Desert in Eastern Morocco. Thankfully he was happy to allow scientists the chance to give them a decent inspection. These remains, dated at approximately 95 million years of age, have confirmed long held suspicions that the Spinosaurus was the first known swimming dinosaur. Palaeontologist Nizar Ibrahim of the University of Chicago said, “It is a really bizarre dinosaur – there’s no real blueprint for it. And when we look at the body proportions, the animal was clearly not as agile on land as other dinosaurs were, so I think it spent a substantial amount of time in the water.”

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