What’s Your Topography?

| September 23, 2014
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Source: Sue Beyers

Words by Michelle Cha

SUE Beyers is a local artist who works with a very interesting medium. Her works focus on the use of a topographic aesthetic, along with vivid colours and imagery. The end result is a balance between a multi coloured camo print and architectural blueprints. The physical landscape of an environment is represented along with the emotional spiritual manifestations of the boundaries that attach us to the earth and land. Sue’s latest exhibition titled ‘Betwixt and Between’ will open at SGAR, 9 October.

Sue’s unique fixation on town planning and abstraction maps alludes to the viewer a fresh and insightful perspective on the environments around us. The human impact is not forgotten; whether it is in the physical world or the intangible space that is our minds. Her experimental work sees the use of fluid lines and great use of colours. Sue’s ethos is expressed with each painting, challenging us to think more about our environments. As viewers we reflect on remembered spaces, whether they are real or imaginary. Sentimental places such as where you had your first kiss, your first drink, and where you made hot passionate love to Ryan Gosling (damn you Eva Mendes!), these are all spaces that shape us more than we think.

Betwixt and Between_stitched_3,4,5 copy

Source: Sue Beyers

The fine lines that are typical of town planning maps juxtaposed with splashes of colour blurs our definition of ownership and attachment to environments. It also lightens up the mood of the painting that avoids being too sombre or drab. The abstract features represents our tangible dreams, aspirations, experiences, and memories.

If you are looking to check out some non-traditional art, make sure to visit ‘Betwixt and Between’. Not only is her method unique, the art itself speaks about the issues facing Australia. Let yourself succumb to a tour of unreal landscapes that guide you through familiar areas of your consciousness.

For more information on the exhibition visit SGAR’s website.

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