A Truly Unique & Horrifying Experience: McKamey Manor

| October 27, 2014

Source: foxnews.com

Words by Johnny Harkin

IN the not so sinister city of San Diego, resides the very ominous house, McKamey Manor. This place is far from your average haunted house. Don’t be expecting pop–out ghosts and ghouls. No, at McKamey Manor your personal nightmarish experience consists of being bound, gagged, soaked in blood, and individually tormented for up to 7 hours. Yep, 7 whole hours of nightmare fuel; talk about fun, fun, fun.


Source: mirror.co.uk

The experience is only offered to adults and on its website, the owners emphasise that all participants must be in ‘GREAT HEALTH’. Currently, the one of kind torture is Reservation Only and only two guests attend per tour. Not only that, but all guests are required to sign a waiver before they enter to ensure that the Manor can scare the shit well and truly out of them and not have to worry about any legal issues. Oh, good.

“Do not wear expensive clothing. Do not bring anything that cannot get wet. This is a very aggressive experience, and our creatures will come in contact with you. You CANNOT in any way return the contact. If anyone becomes rowdy (pushing, shoving, running), they will immediately be removed – no questions asked. There is no smoking or drinking (alcohol), allowed on the premises. Anyone that has been drinking alcohol will not be allowed into the haunt and will be asked to leave the property…without a refund. “


Source: dimelaneta.com

“Think about the average 10-20 minute haunt, or a theme park at Halloween and what you’ve experienced. Was it really Interactive and Scary? At the new MCKAMEY MANOR, you will experience thrills that you “HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE”. It will test you to your very core.”

I don’t you about you guys, but the idea of being bound, gagged, and psychologically tortured, as you are constantly harassed, seems like….

…like a one of kind experience! Where do I sign up?

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