What Do A Bank And An Art School Have In Common?

| October 24, 2014

Melinda Marshman || Source: melindamarshman.com

Words by Michelle Cha

ALL I have on my mind these days is graduation. No longer having to: cram the night before an exam, consume five Redbulls to endure an all-nighter, have the social life of a hermit crab (actually they mate so they’re fairing much better than me), and no more long train rides home. It’s an exciting time but also a bittersweet one. So I know the elation the graduating students at The National Art School, Sydney must be feeling at finishing their degree. However, I am not an artist, but I’m sure they are excitedly preparing for their graduating exhibition at NAS Gallery. NAS have partnered with St. George Bank to help support emerging artists and the local art community.

The St.George Bank National Art School Postgraduate Exhibition will showcase the works of more than forty graduating students from the Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) and Master of Fine Art; so not only have they graduated before as an undergraduate they are completing their studies as postgraduates. St. George Bank as the primary sponsors of the event is a great way for large corporations to help artists in taking that final step after studies and nurturing the creativity of artists. If you aren’t in the Sydney area, don’t get your undies in a knot; you are able to purchase and view artworks online – a first for the exhibition.

Curators, collectors, gallerists, and thousands of visitors are expected to visit the exhibition which opens 30 October and ending 8 November. Blair French, Assistant Director, Curatorial and Digital at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia will open the exhibition. Because there are numerous artists who major in particular mediums such as photography, ceramics, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, and painting there will something to satisfy your artistic soul. Personally, I will have my eye on the photography pieces.


Coral bleaching III & IV, watercolour gouache, 32.7 x 37.8 cm ea, 2014 || Source: Lemorga.com

Melinda Marshman and Louise Morgan are two such artists participating in the St.George Bank National Art School Postgraduate Exhibition. Both have unique styles in their approach to art. Melinda’s portraiture work is emotional and bold in her use of colour and lines. Louise is very simplistic in her approach and the deep meanings behind her work compliment the simple use of subject as the defining feature.

If you are in Sydney I recommend checking out and most importantly supporting these emerging artists; however geography isn’t a problem, you can visit their online gallery. For more details on the event, visit NAS Gallery’s website. For more on the two artists mentioned visit Melinda’s website and Louise’s website.

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