Gilli Trawangan: Bike Rides, Beaches And Magic Mushrooms

| January 10, 2015


Words By Samara Nilsson

STRESSED? Boss being an asshole? Bae not texting back?

Go to Gilli Trawangan.

Don’t think about it, just do it.

This little gem will let you see a side to Bali you haven’t seen before. We came from Seminyak and it was a couple of hours by car (pending traffic – try not to get the middle seat in any event) followed by a couple of hours by boat. To be completely honest, the boat ride over is pretty fucking hectic, like on our way home it was literally like the ‘Turn Down For What’ boat fail video. Except our experience resulted my friend getting a vomiting middle aged Asian woman being thrown at her, actually there were heaps of people vomiting all over the joint, I think some chick even walked away needing a neck brace. I of course, was risking life & limb videoing the whole thing, which hilarious video is now lost in a Snapchat wifi-less black hole. Oh but every fucking sunset, yeah that shit goes straight through.

If you don’t know the vine here it is:

So, as you can envisage, the boat ride over was bloody crazy, but I can’t lie, being a non-seasick person, I was kind of relishing it. So if you are going, go for a few days to make the boat ride worthwhile.

The first thing you notice approaching the Island of Lombok is how green it is and how crystal clear the water is. To be honest the place kind of looked with the Jurassic Park Island. Make sure you get off the boat at Gilli Trawangan, because the other parts of Lombok, all be them beautiful, are renowned honeymoon destinations. I am not a full on couple hating spinster, but fuck, I can’t think of anything worse than hanging out with honeymooners. Maybe ebola. Yes, definitely ebola would be worse.


Too soon?


No taxis or cars, so you ferry about town either by horse drawn cart or by push bike.


Your taxi awaits! || Source: Samara Nilsson

There is something almost nostalgic about travelling to the club half drunk on a mountain bike. I felt like Nicole Kidman when she was a BMX bandit. However, I do say exercise some caution whist bikini peddling, one of my friends crashed into a bush and ended up with thorns the size of Tasmania in her ass.

The beaches are absolutely beautiful, it literally looks like a postcard. I really love how the sun sets over the water in Indonesia, the pinks and purples the sky throws as the sun is going down to sleepy-town are amazing. It’s like a mother fucking rainbow paddle pop. Also, Gilli Trawangan is where that epic swing is that everyone gets sunset selfies on – fun fact, if you want your Instagram to blow up just post a picture at that swing.


Ombak Sunset Swing. || Source: Sheridan Kane

If you are so inclined you can get a bit weird on the old magic mushrooms. Look, I don’t take drugs. But fucking hell, magic mushrooms are a sure way to spice up your day. One time I saw a motherfucking peacock on the shit. Peacock. I remember I was at the races (look 2009 was a weird time for me) and accidentally got on hallucinogenic and nek minute there was a peacock rolling around. I thought to myself, ‘Fuck BRC are pulling out all the stops this year’, it wasn’t until I saw a grandstand morph into a Egyptian pyramid that I thought maybe I wasn’t trapped in a B105 ‘Gottcha Call’ and maybe my mind was being altered a little.

I need to say that the mushies on Gilli aren’t the best, although whilst I was in bed I was 99.9% sure that Harry Potter’s patronus visited me. To put into context, we once bought a shark on the shrooms in Thailand, which were a boat load more potent than the ones at Gilli. But that’s another tale for another time. However before you get all animal activist on me, the shark in question was already dead being sold for BBQ’n reasons, we just swanned on in and bought that bad boy to put in the hotel pool.

Again, 2009 was a hell of a year.

On a side note, if you have taken a little too much hallucinogenic, you can just pull over and vomit off the side of your bike, no one gets hurt, no cabby screaming at you for $150 to clean up your spew. Hell, you can vomit and still keep on a pedallin’ if you are a wizard.

This island has massive party potential; however we found it pretty tame and chilled. All the bars back straight onto the beach and with relaxed beats and acoustic music filling the air and it really is a happy place. Think bean bags, Bintangs, shisha and pretty views. Also, great news, because all the douchebags tend to stay in Kuta, we hardly had any run-ins with wankers.


Drinks right on the beach. || Source: Samara Nilsson

The island is so remote that most showers run off salt water. Which lets you know exactly when you open you accidentally fuck up and open your mouth in the shower and are in for a round of tap bum. But there really is something therapeutic about bathing in salt water, however I must say that it was wonderful finally getting a fresh water shower.

Hardly any wifi, so make sure you message your baes beforehand to let them know there will be no nude selfies on Snapchat for a few days. However it makes for the perfect escape from the turmoils of modern society, not being able to receive emails for a few days was refreshing to say the least.
A place that I can definitely recommend to eat is Scallywags just on the beach, for about $20aus you can get fresh seafood (I went balls to the wall and bought a whole fucking squid, a whole squid!). The prawns were also next level, think warm-tender-garlicy heaven in your mouth. With your barbequed delights you also get all you can eat at the salad bar – and they were serving restaurant quality salads, if you are a barbeque food lover like me you would be in barbeque paradise. Best of all the restaurant is right on the beach, the whole dining experience was amazing. It was also really sweet to find somewhere that did organic, fresh, healthy food.

However I need to add in one last traveler’s insight, you see right now as I was about to send this I contracted dengue fever, fun tip, if you are going overseas, get your fucking holiday vaccinations, because if you don’t chances are you might catch something.

Swap your Impulse or Lynx Africa for a little RID because you don’t want to be catching that dengue fever. We bought OFF! from a street convener. Of course we didn’t wear that smelly shit. Now I have a mosquito disease and this hectic rash.

However, I like to think this simply as a chronic case of YOLO.

Will I go back to Gilli? Aww hells yeah! I will definitely be back at some point with my whole party posse slathered in RID.

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