There AINTNO Stopping ESESE And Hancoq

| January 17, 2015

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Words by Luke Porep

THE latest addition to the world of the ever-growing Aussie hip-hop scene comes in the form of ESESE. A collection of rappers, vocalists, producers and film-makers which are set to make their mark alongside the likes of Remi, Baro and Milwuakee Banks in the forever changing genre of Australian Hip-hop.

Eastern Seaboard Electric Soul Experience (ESESE) are a Melbourne-based group of incredible talent who have just released their first sonic taste of what is to hopefully come. Produced by Hudson James Jr. and supported by the genius lyrics of Hancoq, “AINTNO,” is an effortless track mixed with profound back-beats and jazzy vocals.

What seems to me like a mess of sounds and beats somehow works in the perfect accompaniment to Hancoq’s lyrics. Soulful brass spattered across the course of the track and more consistently through the length of the chorus, “AINTNO” just makes you want to sit back on a mellow Sunday arvo with a cool beverage and some mates and ponder what it is we all want in life.

The official music video was filmed along Melbourne’s iconic Yarra River at the Fairfield Boathouse. Directed by Hancoq himself under his Prévoir Productions film outfit, which is responsible for music videos for Baro as well as live footage Danny Brown, Run The Jewels and Earl Sweatshirt. The video takes you on a trip down The Yarra with Hancoq leading the party to epic mellowness. The concept of two guys, chilled-to-the-max, rowing an elaborate wooden vessel down the river can be nothing short of a winning film clip.

This funky song is sure to change the minds of a few Aussie hip-hop naysayers (myself included), as this mega debut track had me popping shoulders and clicking fingers. If this is the future of Australia’s iconic genre of rap, then sign me up. I love nothing more than catchy lyrics that ooze confidence with an inspired punchline which has been around for years somehow made new again. There AINTNO stopping me now!! No there is not! Its perfect. I cant wait to cruise down The Esplanade with this song bursting through my speakers as people look on, wishing they were me.

AINTNO was a definite ground-breaking debut track from ESESE and Hancoq. This only leaves hope for the future of what is shaping up to be massive for Australian Hip-hop groups as this genre will be forever moving forward with innovative music. We hope to see the Eastern Seaboard Electric Soul Experience playing on Triple J very soon and cannot wait for their next equally as groovy track.

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