Your Host For Awesome Ocean Party Is Half-Human, Half-Octopus

| March 23, 2015
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Words by Michelle Cha

WHEN you mix a human and an octopus what do you get? A host to Awesome Ocean Party, that’s what. Home to cute as fuck dolphins, and not so cute sea cucumbers, the ocean is my favourite place to unwind and let go of my irrelevant first world problems. It is a place that no matter who or where you are in the world, being in the water gives you the exact same feeling. That’s why when I heard the words, Awesome Ocean Party I knew I had to find out what it is. Awesome Ocean Party is the anticipated premiere of Giema Contini’s (La Boite Theatre Company, Motherboard Productions, Dead Puppet Society) debut solo work.

Pretty much imagine you are being wined and dined in an ocean themed birthday party. Expect songs and storytelling to weave together a tale of love, loss, longing, and legends of amphibious family histories. Unlike your traditional theatre show, Awesome Ocean Party lets the audience to participate and most importantly interact with one another. You might never know, your soul mate might offer you some birthday cake (Moustache Magazine cannot guarantee such fantasies).

Featuring original music by Nathan Stoneham (지하 Underground), Giema Contini describes the show as “an exploration into people’s ability to overcome pain and adversity through imagination, silliness and a genuine connection with others.”

Awesome Ocean Party will be a part of Anywhere Festival in May 2015, an innovative concept that showcases amazing Australian as well as international talent in the medium of theatre. Anywhere Festival asks artists to push boundaries and reinvent how audiences perceive theatre.


Matthew O’Neill, Brisbane based journalist and creative said, “As one of Brisbane’s more celebrated performers, Contini’s consistently engaging character work has always been typified by an open and expressive generosity of spirit. Her initial work as lead creative sees that same expressive generosity extended to an entire production – with additional lashings of colour, joy and a certain surreal silliness only adding to the work’s already-delightful energy. A promising debut.”

One thing you are sure to take out of seeing Awesome Ocean Party is seeing Giema’s talent in motion. Not to mention having fun and immersing yourself in another world where nothing else matters except you getting a piece of that birthday cake.

Awesome Ocean Party has been developed with the assistance of Australia Council’s JUMP Mentoring Program and Fresh Ground at The Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts.

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Production Details

Awesome Ocean Party
14 – 23 May 2015
Musgrave Park Pool [100 Edmonstone Street, South Brisbane]
Anywhere Festival

$18 General Admission Tickets
Bookings at

Creator and Performer: Giema Contini
Co-Producer: Matthew Seery
Composer: Nathan Stoneham
Designer: Genevieve Garner
Dramaturg: Robbie O’Brien
Stage Manager: Emma Healy

If you would like more information on Awesome Ocean Party and Anywhere Festival, visit this website.

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