Gig Review: Gang Of Youths, Ecca Vandal, And The Furrs At Woolly Mammoth

| May 23, 2015
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Gang of Youths | All images: Trilce Patron

Words by Zen Lim

THE boys are back! After delivering a stellar performance on their Benevolence Riots Tour, Gang of Youths have returned to stun the crowd once again with their electrifying tunes and outstanding showmanship. Only this time, they’re back with a new album, a bigger stage, and an even more contagious sound.

The night got off to a pretty slow and steady start, as we stepped into the main stage area of the Woolly Mammoth. Most of the booths had been taken up by a couple of youngsters and their possies, who were engaged in light banter and sipping their schooners of beer. Although the venue was yet to be filled, the members of The Furrs seemed unfazed. They soldiered on and delivered a dazzling and quirky performance, that gave the venue a smoky jazz bar sort of feel. This Brisbane-based five-piece had great chemistry, their performance exuded a chill-out confidence as they jammed out to a couple of their 70’s inspired blues-tinged, rock ‘n’ roll tunes. A few of their enthusiastic fans were definitely feeling their vibes, as they pranced around the dancefloor like they just didn’t care.

Ecca Vandal 2

Ecca Vandal

Soon after their set ended, the crowd began to gather around the stage in preparation for the next act. With her pigtails hanging down from the side of her neck, Ecca Vandal strode towards the stage full of swagger and style. A beauty on stage with a voice of a beast, she gave a performance that was filled with ferocity and intensity. She flowed around the stage with her rhythmic dance moves, riling up the crowd with her high energy and enthusiastic performance. Ecca Vandal was a total badass, she completely tore apart the stage before the main act had even go on. I could only imagine this was what it was like to see No Doubt perform live. Ecca Vandal is my new girl crush and I can’t wait to see her headlining her own shows soon.

By this time in the evening, the back end of the main stage was completely packed. The crowd was anxious and exuberant, as they anticipated their idols to emerge through the stage doors at any moment. Striding on stage with their man buns and beards, the members of the band instantly melted the hearts of shrieking fan girls before they even began their set. The long awaited moment finally began, and Gang of Youths did not disappoint. They kicked off the show with “Restraint & Release” and “Poison Drum”, which immediately launched the crowd into a frenzy. Fist pumping and crazy dancing, the crowd was mouthing every single lyric that front man, Dave Leaupepe was belting out. Their performance was full of character and charisma, as they rocked out on stage along with their fans.

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The night took a sombre turn, as the band dug into some of their more emotional and vulnerable tracks, inspired by Leaupepe’s relationship with former girlfriend. At one point, Leaupepe was performing on stage alone, only accompanied by his electric guitar for “Knuckles White Dry”. The slight raspiness in his voice amplified the sentimental feelings behind his already heartfelt words. The band had quite an endearingly humble stage presence, thanking the audience for their applause and expressing how much it means to them to hear it. From social outcast to social dynamite, Gang of Youths have proven that they have the versatility and determination to succeed in this industry. This wasn’t just a performance, it was a journey and an experience. I’m certain that Australia is eager to see how their sound will flourish as time passes by.

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Gang of Youths will close their The Positions Album Tour with a second sold-out show at the Oxford Art Factory on June 2. Head over to their Facebook page to stay updated on their tour.

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