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| June 15, 2015

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Words by Jo McTavish

SOCIETY always loves to hear the truth, especially when it surrounds celebrities or favoured influencers. This week director Bill Pohlad finally brings us the true story of Beach Boys leader Brian Wilson, in the critically acclaimed film Love & Mercy.

The story follows musical genius, Brian Wilson and his struggles with brilliance and balance. An unconventional portrait of the artist is painted by interweaving seminal moments from his youth and later life. The role of Brian Wilson is masterfully shared between Paul Dano as the younger and, 1960s Brian; and John Cusack as Wilson in the 1980s. The film explores the many challenges Brian has faced, both from his point of view in the younger years; and from the perspective of his now wife, Melinda (Elizabeth Banks) when she meets Brian in his 40s and under the questionable medical care of Dr. Eugene Landy (Paul Giammati).

To be honest, when I first heard about his story I never really showed much interest, but as soon as I watched the trailer I wanted to see more. The Beach Boys are of course one of the biggest groups in musical history, so it was only a matter of time before their story was seen on the big screen. I can appreciate the angle director Bill Pohland has taken, with his focus on the estranged life of “Wilson”. I think for the fans and anyone of who can admire a good biographical tale, this will not disappoint.

Alongside the story I think it is great to see two amazing actors playing “Wilson” in different times of his life. Both “Dano” and “Cusack” look ready to turn heads and win everybody over with their performances. The support of Elizabeth Banks and the perfection of Paul Giammati looks very promising too.

Love & Mercy is great excuse to avoid some of the bigger films this blockbuster season. Expect a great soundtrack too, so make sure you see this one.

To celebrate the release of Love & Mercy, Moustache Magazine and Icon Films have some double passes available. To enter simply send your name and address to, to go into the draw. Don’t miss out on this mesmerising story, especially if you’re a fan of the “The Beach Boys”.

Love & Mercy hits Australian screens on the, 25 June 2015.

Watch the trailer below:

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