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| June 27, 2015

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WHO are you?

My name is Megan Peacock although my friends gave me the nickname of “Birdy.” I am a photographer in Brisbane, Australia. My business name is Birdy Peacock.

WHAT is your work about?

My work is about many different things depending on the series you are looking at. My most recent series is called “Letting off Steam” and it shows the strong working body of dancers. The whole concept came about because I didn’t have professional lighting; I used my car lights to illuminate the images. We shot them in an outside car park in front of a garage door and the young dancers were painted in metallic copper to represent them as well-oiled-machines. Dancers are technicians, I love working with them because they knew their body, how to create nice lines and how to move. Then it is up to me to capture the movement.


WHEN did you realise you were in tune with the right side of your brain?

Looking back on old family videos of me dancing around in tap shoes at age 2, I think my parents knew I was a creative person. I would always (and still) choreograph dances. I use dance to express and release how I am feeling. Then, when I picked up a camera I knew this was another form of communicating the ideas I am constantly visualising and needing to express.

WHERE do you draw inspiration from?

That’s a hard question, inspiration comes from everything… take for example my car lights! I am most inspired by the models I work with or other creatives on my team. Everyone brings new energy and talent to the shoot. It can even come down to the location or time of day which will inspire particular shots. Shooting in New York City last September was a definite highlight!


WHY do you create?

I create to express my ideas, I am constantly thinking. Everywhere I go, every textured wall I see or new outfit I pass in the shop window can be a source of ideas. I am always envisioning the final result, then I work backwards logically on how I can achieve it.

HOW does it happen?

Working hands-on. I love making something for the shoot from scratch, so you might also call me a designer or stylist. I have made many newspaper dresses, plastic fork necklaces, spray painted bras and pointy shoes for my dancers before physically painting them by hand. I think photography is amazing and I use the camera to capture something the human eye can’t see (a dancer jumping) or create something people don’t see every day (a dress made entirely from rubber gloves).

Plans for 2015?
I have been shooting images for clients and small boutiques around Brisbane. Since graduating from a Bachelor of Photography last year, I am free to do whatever comes to mind! Please contact me if you want to arrange a shoot of your own!


So we can stay in the loop, what’s your
Website, Instagram: birdypeacock – Follow me!

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