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| June 5, 2015
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MM:WHO are you?

LM: I was born in 1981 in Germany in a small country village outside of Munich. As a small child I moved to Melbourne Australia. My mother was a fashion designer and dressmaker holding many fashion shows in the 80’s in Melbourne, I grew up watching her sew and create amazing, colourful leather clothing designs.

After finishing high school I went on to study Visual arts at Swinburne University and later was accepted in a Bachelor of Sculpture at VCA. Recently my visual art has moved into the fashion arena, I started printing my art work onto material and selling leggings and dresses on my artist website.

WHAT is your work about?

My artwork is an expression of my perception of the universe; I am deeply interested in subjects such as sacred geometry, and quantum physics spending a lot of time being inspired by lectures and talks on these subjects. I am very interested in the patterns found in nature and the universe and how these relate to geometry and physics. And this comes out in most of my work.

WHEN did you realise you were in tune with the right side of your brain? 

I have always been in tune with the right side of my brain, as a small child in primary school I already had my artwork featured on Channel 10 on the news, painting colourful images of aboriginal landscapes. Since then, I can remember creativity has been with me. I was always much better at art than I was a math.

WHY do you create?

I create art as it is the only thing that is true to my spirit. It is what keeps me happy and is my soul purpose in life; I love to bring as much colour as possible into the lives of others. I have found bringing my art into the fashion arena is ultimately my true calling. To create wearable art has become my passion.

HOW does it happen? 

Most of my artwork is created through drawings and paintings, I then love to play with these on digital software such as Photoshop, and these designs are then sent off to the printing companies and then turned into silk shawls leggings and dresses.

Plans for 2015? 

This year I hope to continue growing my fashion label and have this made available in many retail outlets. My next steps is to create tailored dresses constructed out of fine materials such as beautiful silks, I would love to start selling my work printed onto silk kaftans, and a larger range of clothing. I love watching what the universe brings to into my life and my recent showcase at RAW Brisbane has definitely been a major push forward in the fashion industry. I look forward to featuring one of my designs at the Soul fashion week in Korea shortly, which I am very excited about.

So we can stay in the loop, what’s your

You can find my artwork and clothing designs on my website where I also feature my work on wallpapers, throw cushions and much more.

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