Strictly Roots: A Staple For Any Reggae Fan

| June 20, 2015
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Source: Morgan Heritage Music Official Website

Words By Jessica Testa

FROM Jamaica to your headphones, reggae music has a timeless quality that can exist anywhere at any time. The sense of passion and joy of performing displayed by modern day reggae musicians is a huge reason for this.

This passion and joy is quite clear in Morgan Heritage’s new album, ‘Strictly Roots’.

Morgan Heritage is an American-based five piece group. Since 1994, they have released a massive nine albums, each dripping in rich authentic. Unlike the rest of their albums, ‘Strictly Roots’ has been independently released via their own label, CTBC (Cool to be Conscious) Music Group.

Morgan Heritage have proved that they are not shy to express themselves with their loud approach to this album. They seem to made a statement with it along the lines of, “Here we are, whether you like it or not” topped off with pride and openness. This is probably why it has been featured in the top spot on the US iTunes Reggae Chart.

Let’s take a look at some of the tracks.

The album opens with the title track, ‘Strictly Roots’. Straight away, we get an idea of who Morgan Heritage is. As the first taste and introduction of the album, it’s a pretty good indication of what’s to come. We can already hear the joy in the lead singer’s voice as he rises above the loud instruments.

‘Light It Up’ was a highlight for me and possibly my favourite track on the album. The overall flow and structure of the song was fantastic, judging from the expert production. To me, it sounded almost like an electro-pop song with a reggae twist. With this in mind, it gives the track potential for a considerable amount of radio play.

I got a similar impression from ‘So Amazing’. From the electric keyboard intro to the guitar led ending, it held a good beat and its fast pace. The catchy lyrics were powered by the vocalist’s passionate voice as they sent the message with great strength.

‘Put It On Me’ was another standout because it had a different sound thin comparison to the rest of the album. The medley was more relaxed, which was really refreshing. This song had two vocalists; the main vocalist and another one with a deeper voice. They had some really good chemistry and complimented each other, as well as the medley, very well. In fact, all of the elements within this lovely reggae love song shone brightly.

The final track, ‘Keep On Jammin’’ featuring Shaggy was a bit of a throwback. I haven’t heard Shaggy’s distinctive voice since the ‘It Wasn’t Me’ days all the way back in the early 2000. It made me feel slightly nostalgic. The medley, on the other hand, had a bit of a 70’s vibe. It was fast paced and super funky. Overall, it was a fun way to end this great album.

Strictly Roots is available now. Click here to check it out yourself.

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