Fasten Your Seatbelts, Chanel Is Taking Off

| October 18, 2015

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Words by Courtney Deagon

IT seems impossible for the renowned Karl Lagerfeld to do anything but impress the fashion world with each new collection; interpretation of the timeless Chanel style, with balance to modern trends and a gentle nod to the future all combine into a fascinating presentation. And, once again the Creative Director of this iconic brand has proved he’s as much a powerfully creative turbulence now as when he first took reign in 1983, with the Chanel ready-to-wear Spring 2016 Collection.

The Grand Palais in France was morphed into a dream-like airport, complete with lush interior design in black and white (Chanel’s favourite colours, no less), kiosks, luggage carts and ticketing agents. Amusingly dubbed “Chanel Airways”, it was an apt setting for a brand which so often travels back in time, never releasing its devotion to the classics still marvelled and revered today. The fantasy airport pictured everything we might expect in the traditional sense – people bustling about to and fro, beaming service attendants, and of course – a glimpse at some great fashion.

Chanel has always stood as an emblem of feline elegance and grace. Coco’s own five lives were so distinct from one another yet each hold such significant correspondence to the legacy she would leave in her stead. Her very own masterpiece, the closely knit tweed jacket with puffed shoulders, was weaved wonderfully throughout the women’s pieces. The palette was appropriately bright for the season, carrying a strong 80’s feel with flashes of yellow, green and pink neon in the suits, and blue eyeshadow streaked across the women’s eyes.

As in the other fashion weeks, mismatching patterns made their mark in the one and two-piece suits; bold combinations of chevron and herringbone, and vertical and horizontal lines barely overlaid with diagonal stripes.


High-waisted pants, a Chanel favourite, also made their mark in flares, a firm reference to the 70’s trends coming back this season.


For accessories: chunky jewellery, vivid block colour sunglasses in ombre grey and sun tones, and backward facing studded caps kept a feisty edge to the otherwise chic and glamorous sets.
The plaid and check patterns were bold while the shoes were kept relatively hindered with only a lace-up plastic sheath over a short platform heel.

Lagerfeld’s love of drama and theatre played out to his advantage for this season’s spring presentation – I expect many an elite customer will be hurrying along to their city’s nearest Chanel boutique, taking off their new wardrobe in style.

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