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| January 22, 2016

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Words by Kavita Singh 

“IT’S important as a chef, designer, architect, anything creative to create a solution that sits well with the balances of the past and the present”. – Elie Moubarak

Sometimes we encounter people or moments that really change our core in a positive way. This is what personally happened when I first met Elie Moubarak. If I had to describe him in a couple of adjectives I would use; loyal, sharp and grounded.

I learnt when I was young not to miss out on opportunities that presented themselves. When I got a call from “Elie’ a few months ago, he asked me to come and have a look at his new venue and I felt so honoured. We organised a time and day and what ended up happening was really interesting. Instead of “Elie’ showing me his new venture The Apo, I found myself in his office, his haven and probably one of those places that not many people have seen. It was full, it was like his brain but on the outside. Books and design elements everywhere. Spanish spice tins – a lot of them!

Automatically I hit the record button, so I could get as much information about his process. He is so excited to show the world something he has been working on for over a year. Time, energy and perfection pushed the opening to January 2016 – in a few days we will get to see something from his latest masterpiece, inspired by the places he has felt the most loved.

The Apo is all about the materials. They have chosen a limited palette to create a solution for a building that is 130 years old. “Elie’ has chosen to use art and installation to create a space that honours the decadence and perfection of an experience only found in Paris, a place where there’s lots of traditional and historical constraints, The Apo is taking advantage of our city being young – a city where you can still push boundaries.

If the execution and excellence is high, it will work for us. There’s no pre-conceived ideas of how things should be and that’s why with whatever the “Moubarak’s’ choose to do will always work.

“I’ve done so much work for this fucking venue”, Elie Moubarak says with such truth and a hint of tiredness. He really just wants to get these doors open so we can all experience the best.

After talking for about 15 minutes I realised that the guy in front of me really is so committed to people having the best experience within his venues. It dawned on me that our senses are hit when we walk into their space. Sight, smell, touch, sound and taste. I pause; that’s why it works – you hit all the senses! It’s a light-bulb moment that goes off for me – no wonder this guy is so successful, he is in it for other people, not himself.

”Eli’ has has been working over a year alongside Juan Salazaris and they’re both ready to open the doors on Thursday 28th January.

We are so ready and excited to be a part of this. We will bring you the first snaps from the launch next week.

You can discover more about The Apo here and @theapo_

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