A Conceptual Journey Into Adulthood

| February 6, 2016

All Images: Gregor Petrikovic

Words by Jo McTavish

“WHEN I was younger I used to think that as soon as you turn 18 you will suddenly feel like an adult and understand everything in life”- Gregor Petrikovic.

Slovakian artist and photographer Gregor Petrikovic recently caught our attention online, so we had to share this young, ambitious and talented artist’s work.

He recently posted on Bored Panda, where he continued saying “In reality, however, even when I reached this age I still found it difficult to talk about how I feel as a lot things didn’t make sense to me. At 17 I moved to England on my own where being surrounded with a foreign language even multiplied the struggle to fully express myself. It was then when I started to seek new ways in which this could be done”.

Although still young, “Petrikovic’ has received many awards and recognitions and in his latest series of surrealistic images he really demonstrates his personal growth that will surely attract more followers and appreciation.

You can discover more from Gregor Petrikovic on Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr.

Read “I Document My Journey Into Adulthood In Conceptual Self-Portraits” here.


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