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| February 15, 2016

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Words by Jo McTavish

THIS year we saw the turn of comedy favourite director Adam McKay (Anchorman 2004) into an Oscar hopeful with The Big Short, and now Jay Roach (Meet The Parents 2000) brings another in the same vein with Trumbo.

An unusual choice for “Roach’, as he normally plays with outlandish comedies but with the inclusion of Oscar nominated actor Bryan Cranston you know this film has so much potential.

“In this fascinating true story, Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) portrays Dalton Trumbo, the successful Hollywood screenwriter who was blacklisted in 1947 by the studios under the direction of the infamous House Committee on Un-American Activities. Holding strong to a belief in free speech and refusing to name “suspicious” friends, Trumbo was vilified in the communist witch-hunt that took place in America at the height of the Cold War. He was exiled professionally, sentenced to a year in prison for Contempt of Congress, and drawn into battle with the absurd Red-hating gossip columnist Hedda Hooper (Helen Mirren). With an irrepressible creative talent, Trumbo would find his way back into Hollywood, writing several scripts under pseudonyms during his exile, including Roman Holiday, and winning two Academy Awards under alias.”

The trailer presents an interesting scope into old Hollywood, which is always favoured come awards season, especially if it’s executed with perfection. The film really has a lot going for it considering the critical appraise but more importantly for the art house film community.

Alongside “Roach’ and “Cranston’ who also received a BAFTA nomination for Best Actor, is the incredible Helen Mirren, who received a Golden Globe nomination for her performance, Diane Lane, Elle Fanning and John Goodman.

So if you need a break from the heavy weights in film, and are craving something different, then this is the perfect option.

To celebrate the release of Trumbo, Moustache and Entertainment One have 5 double passes to giveaway. To enter simply send your name and address to, to go into the draw.

Trumbo, only at the movies February 18 2016

Watch the official trailer below:

Official poster:

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